Monday, August 15, 2016

8/15/16: Crewture Ten vs. NYCFC

Nicolai looked like a positive addition. Naess and Sauro perhaps could lower the goals allowed a game in Columbus eventually. Photo: Greg Bartram- USA Today Sports

There are ten game points in this video and then hit them briefly below.

10. Trapp Tackle- A goal saving solid tackle by Will Trapp.

"What a tackle from Trapp," I doubted for a second because I thought may not have been clean. But, was solid. Props for taking the risk.

Overall, thought it was a better performance from him.

9. Afful Pissed- Afful was mad when Higuaín elected not to feed him on this run..

Luckily trade deadline has passed. Lol, I'm kidding.

But, I would limit those displays in front of the Federico.

8. Don't Deserve A PK, When You Miss Open Player That Badly- Probably should've been a PK. But, considering how atrocious Finlay's pass was to a wide open Ola yeah wouldn't call it either.

That was bad. Luckily it got better for him as the game went.

Good performance (or better) from Finlay, not bad for Meram either. Whereas, meh this week from Tchani, Ola. Maybe everyone can get going at the same time? Would that be ok?

Finlay finding some confidence again at the end of this season wouldn't obviously be bad though.

7. Naess, First Half, Two Good Long Balls- Nicolai had two good long balls 1st half.

Although he didn't do, or have to do much of the spectacular, thought he was good; can see why the Crew targeted him.

6. Ola Air Game Isn't The Best- That first half was a bit rough with the crosses and attempted headers.

Why not try to just play down the middle, play him a ball on the ground if that's more his game?

No matter what, were trying to play the same game as last year. Not the same team and THAT'S OK.

5. Or Team Decision Making.. Shoot Tchani- When players get an opportunity often they pass the buck on this team.

Got to shoot to score. Would like players to gain the opportunity and take it.

4. NYCFC Falls Down A Lot- Allllllllllllllllllllllll game.

It was probably 10 minutes out of the 90.

McNamara might be the biggest turd, but it's a steep contest on that lineup.

3. Not a PK, But Let The Crazy Commence- Can just leave it at that. Can't make up this season.

But, wonder if referees get a chance, at half, to look over a highlight tape of the first half.

If so, maybe Stoci saw that he should've called one earlier. Made it easier to give Finlay the benefit of the doubt later.

2. Not Smart- Get taken out of next week's game for an unnecessary foul. Sometimes Tchani could work on his temperament when he plays.

At times is a good thing. But, some of his disagreements with the referee led to that yellow.

1. Only Positive- If a two goal game gets Ethan Finlay going again. Could be worth it.

I would even take that over a 6th place playoff spot.

Were not doing anything there if we do get in. But, would like Finlay to get back to last year and then some.


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