Monday, August 1, 2016

8/1/16: Crew Post Match- Oy Vey

So, the Crew lost last night convincingly. In perhaps their last chance for hardware.

As the vaunted Trillium Cup is gone now as well. The Trillium, a flower that purportedly grows in our state and their province, was created in 2008 for two teams that didn't have an intense rival.

Well, I guess at least for Toronto. Like MLS cares what the Crew wants. We had rivals (DC, Chicago).

And considering, Crew fans will say "who cares" to the Trillium Cup.

But, especially this year with nothing else to celebrate, I care.

If we came out victorious, I would've acted like we won the World Cup with the season we've had.

In addition, Crew fans legitimately dislike other "OMG look at us, we created this cheering for a soccer team thing" supporters; Especially with new to the league fans (TFC, Seattle, Orlando City, and maybe even Cincinnati to a different, please join MLS, degree).

Moreover, every Crew supporter will remember 2,000 of those "look at me" I'm a classy Euro-Canadian coming to Columbus TFC fans... Everyone will remember near brawls at BMO and on the concourse of Crew Stadium, which led to pepper spray.

So, legitimately, if you want to start repairing things, being terrible but still taking the Trillium Cup away from those guys would make us feel good, better.

With that in mind, what is the problem with the Columbus Crew in 2016?

What was the problem with last night's 'effort'?

** A LOT.

A lot is wrong.

Not sure we have a guy that wants the ball at their feet, wants to change the game?

I think no one on this team legitimately wants to be the man.

And sure it's excellent that we have 60% percent of the possession, but we do absolutely nothing with it.

Columbus's style is "1.) ok dribble ball for two to three minutes and either go backwards or side to side to look for someone else to pass it to, to achieve the same. Pass it to them or give to other team." Rinse, repeat.

Considering that, would it kill someone in yellow (ohh whoops, white or black) to be like "hey look I'm sick of this. Give me the ball, let me do something about it."

Would it kill one of our guys to take an opponent on? Be dynamic? Pass and move quicker? Be creative?


The only thing a guy wants to do in 2016, in whatever our colors are, is let someone else take control.

But, that's usually on the other team.

*There's no risk takers.

We lack one. Immensely.

Even look at Federico, who was brighter than most last night.

But, shoot. Please.

For example, Federico had a chance from around the same distance as Gio before Gio scored. Pipa feigned (or his first reaction was) to shoot but instead he passed, to the other team.

Your first instinct is usually the correct one. He caught on as the half went, but neglected to take a similar opportunity after Gio scored.

Pipa was about to shoot again, but Columbus rather legitimately possess rather than perhaps have an errant shot. So, he passed to our team this time, causing attack to slow down and die.

Both could of led to nothing, but would be great if the unpredictable goal came from us early on instead.

**Defense was grand again on Toronto's second goal.

Someone was covering Giovinco (believe Trapp). Outside 18, was on him.

Gio passes and continues to move forward because some teams, players do that.

But, Trapp or whoever, just stops (somehow not expecting?) Gio to continue playing and let's Gio run into the box alone and unoccupied, as he stands there and watches him score.

**Finally, what was up with Mohammed Saeid's comments, earlier in the week?

Giovinco is Toronto's entire team and if you shut him down their done.

That's great Saeid. You're probably correct that that would help. But, honestly I saw about 6 or 7 Toronto players I would take over anyone wearing black now.

Your not even playing so just be quiet, k?

I don't think it motivated Gio to two goals and an assist. Think it takes more for him than that to get psyched up and he is motivated either way.

But, could've helped out the rest of their eleven. Which looked a hell of a lot better than it did a couple of weeks ago in Columbus.

So, if it did, thanks.

**A few final comments.

Thumbs up to our rival fans. Was sort of impressed by their chanting last night. Didn't think they were that impressive with that back in the day. Only thing that was impressive was they could fill a stadium. But, they were very loud at times. Still not royally impressed since they're from Toronto, but step in the right direction.

Also, the updates they've done to BMO Field. Impressive.

Was kind of a shit field when it first got put together. Now, looks beautiful. It's been a while since I've seen it.

And a final comment for the Crew. I don't care what players you nix? If you nix the coach? If you pull something out of your ass and sign a DP? Just do something by Wednesday, in some degree, please.

I turned off my MLS Live at the 85th minute and said "f**k it, I've had enough" that's very rare.


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