Thursday, August 11, 2016

8/11/16: Columbus Crew 2 Name Ideas, Poll

German village as the location of Crew 2? If they learn how to put stadium in sky?

Putting this up because if the Columbus Crew are serious about building a B, JV squad in USL you have some options nowadays.

You can either put together a JV squad that has no separate identity.

New York Red Bulls II, Seattle Sounders 2, LA Galaxy II.. I think it's safe to say, boring.

Not much creativity in those choices by their front offices.

Or make it interesting. Even if the separate identity to your main squad is completely superficial.

Examples, Bethlehem Steel FC (even though logo is atrocious) or Swope Park Rangers (Sporting KC's).

Atrocious, in my opinion, because the snake has nothing to do with the iconic, original Bethlehem Steel. They're just sneaking in it's Philly Union B.

Here's the options in my poll and an explanation or break down of what each choice means..

Basically if you vote first option, you're voting for Columbus Crew II. If you vote second option, more interesting name but still located in Columbus. If you vote third, suburb of Columbus. If you vote fourth, Dayton, Ohio or somewhere else that is reasonable to drive, but could open up new avenues for Crew.

Columbus Crew 2, II, B- Pretty obvious but fine. I would be happy just to have a JV team playing in USL.

Also, if we have another season like this. Crew diehards, Nordeckians would probably love to have another avenue close by to watch/feel better about themselves.

Old South End FC- Old South End was what the German Village was originally called. That or "Die alte sud ende."

I think the "Nordecke" is the end of our German translations.

I do find it amusing that since 2008, that the Crew and sometimes others say we coined the name "Nordecke" as a result of German history in Columbus, the German Village.

Basically, what happened was.. Started this blog in January 08..
I, wasn't alone, wanted us to have a much more acknowledged supporters section.
Starting that year, we were scrunched up in the North Corner of stadium, for the first time, because of the construction of the stage.
Our old seats, section was demolished to make room for the stage, Bravo, Lamar Hunt's son.
I (and others) thought new locale needed a new name to set itself apart, make it more interesting.

North Corner was boring, lame.


So, I put North corner in google translate and clicked about 10 other languages until I came to German. "Nordecke."

I'm like that sounds much cooler than North corner.
Started campaigning for it on here and Bigsoccer.

But, I'm from Northwestern Pennsylvania (Linesville, PA).
Had no idea in 2008 about Columbus's German heritage. Moved to Columbus for the first time (for a year) in August 2008.

But, the Crew might've been right. The name could have stuck because of the German Village connection, German heritage connection in the city.

Stroke of luck. Blind luck.

So, why not connect a Crew 2 team in a similar way?

Calling a team German Village FC or SC would be hell of cheesy. Old South End FC sounds cooler.

I struggle to find much else iconic throughout the city? If you have a better idea, tweet it.

However, don't know where you would put the stadium. If you wanted to play in German Village would have to likely be in the sky, and if you could, mise well put a new MLS stadium there.

Tomorrow FC (Dublin, Ohio)-
I thought the Irish route was too easy to go, could connect it in logo.

Never heard of a team by that name.

Like odd names such as BSC Young Boys, thanks to my Football Manager playing days.

Surprised Sporting Kansas City didn't go that route for their younger JV 2 team, since they like to steal name ideas.

Sporting KC Young Boys, lol.

But, anyway I struggled in what else to connect with Dublin.

Then I saw their city motto: "Where Yesterday Meets Tomorrow!" And thought well Tomorrow FC would make sense for a JV squad.

Dayton Crew, Kettering Crew:

And my favorite, the one I'll be voting for.

See Dayton, Ohio has the populous to follow a small team (141,527) with Kettering (56,163).

Also, isn't that far for Columbus to keep close tabs on, along with their fans (a hour, six minutes).

I just think the Dayton Dutch Lions FC failed to garner what Dayton wants.

It's about as Midwestern as it gets. So, won't be awed, impressed to be global or Dutch.

But, doesn't have a professional team, especially importantly a soccer team.

Unless you want to classify the Dutch Lions, who don't even play in the USL currently. But, moved back to the fourth division (PDL).

Also, looking at Cincinnati's growth. There's an interest in that area.

In addition, Dayton, Ohio has one of the biggest youth tournaments for soccer in the United States.

That is why the Dutch Lions picked that town.

But, speaking of Cincinnati (a hour and 42 mins away) it may be important, especially in the future to make an area like Dayton as Columbus Crew as possible. Especially if they head to MLS.

Mise well get on top of it.

But, if it's a turn off to name them Dayton Crew with a soccer team already named Dayton, how about Kettering Crew.

And how about getting Kettering native Rob Drydek involved. I drove by his skate plaza every day in Kettering when I worked for the Dutch Lions.

Think he is an insanely smart guy to go from skater to MTV personality. Make him part-owner of that club.

Guy might have some interest in being behind a non-traditional sporting team in his own town.


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