Wednesday, August 10, 2016

8/10/16: Crew 2 A Possibility

How have our homegrown players been affected by the current situation?

Crew 2 may be a possibility, a very needed one.

From YeahMorgan on Bigsoccer:
*The "he" is Crew Manager Gregg Berhalter

Considering that have to give props to the teams that had the foresight to do a 2/II team over the last couple years; as eventually will be a needed necessity for every MLS team.

There's a LA Galaxy II, Portland Timbers 2, Seattle Sounders 2, Toronto FC II, New York Red Bulls II, Real Monarchs SLC (which wins award as the worst name, I guess is their unique version of RSL2), Vancouver Whitecaps FC 2, Orlando City B, FC Montreal (which is just odd), Swope Park Rangers (Sporting KC), Bethlehem Steel FC (Philadelphia Union).

I guess the good thing about coming in later is.. You may give your JV team a more interesting, creative name that doesn't suck as much.

In addition to being good for your main squad and development. A JV team allows former players to join the organization and work their way up to head coach or main assistant by learning the ropes as Crew II manager.

For example, former Crew player John Wolyniec coaches New York Red Bulls II, while Ezra Hendrickson runs Seattle Sounders 2.

I believe Hejduk could do more than be the face of the organization around town. I believe other former players like Alejandro Moreno could end up as a hell of a coach.

I get not being impressed with the affiliate situation, especially when you cannot control it.

I worked for Dayton Dutch Lions in their inaugural season in 2010. As Media Manager, I ran their websites, created team in the community videos, highlights, marketing gimmicks, put the mascot suit on sometimes...

Watched Geert den Ouden sleep.

And tried to create another Nordecke, The Orange Legion.

Had to be rather creative since we had zero budget... And a single video camera.

We did some good things in the area. But, I could've told the Crew that would not be an ideal match. Could've told the Crew that for free as probably nothing in common between the two organizations, other than they both play soccer.

And usually with these affiliates, it's two very different playing styles.

Especially for someone like Berhalter, that's set on his system, playing a completely different one is a bit detrimental.

More than anything may have hurt the development of homegrown players like Swanson, Barson, even Trapp.

Who knows? Who can say? But, one or all might've been better off if they were playing in a Crew format from day one.

But, especially with the Crew's focus on having a good youth program surprised they were not one of the firsts to go the USL route.

Developing our own talent in the area will eventually become more and more important because we cannot compete in the same way as a NYCFC, La Galaxy, or even Toronto FC.

That gap will widen and widen every five years.

So, hopefully the Crew don't just say and not do.

Can deal with that during the transfer window, but this would be more important.

Anyway, would you prefer Columbus Crew II, 2, or B? Or something in the Swope Park Rangers or Bethlehem Steel FC format?

I prefer maybe a city like Akron or Toledo.

Still Crew colors, but small stadium, a name that fits, a logo that doesn't scream main team. That way perhaps you build some revenue elsewhere with a League 3 team.


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