Friday, July 8, 2016

7/8/16: Tomorrow Is The Kamara Showdown

All your goals belong to us.

This Saturday is the matchup you've been waiting for with dire anticipation.

Bill Archer described it best "there's not enough gin in India to kill the pain of this season."

What I hope occurs is the following,
"Kamara will score 2 against us, then earn a penalty kick. Lee Nguyen will push him away and prevent him from taking it. Kamara will demand to be traded, and the Revs will send him to another team."

Thank you Bigsoccer for the laughs, otherwise I would cry or write a country song.

That said, Kei Kamara will definitely score a hat trick, dance to the sideline, and paint a Bob Ross fresco of Federico HiguaĆ­n with Anthony Precourt.

It could happen.

What would even be better is if somehow, now that Kamara is gone, he re-enacted the new Columbus Crew logo as a goal celebration.

I don't know how. But, soccer players have a lot of free time. Check out twitter someday, it's this new thing that MLS soccer players created.

Really, I wish Kei the best. Although, he's doing great.

I could get traded four times in a week and I would be more than wonderful considering.

So, what do I see occurring. A crazy game.

We don't have Tyson Wahl (who's been good). Obviously Sauro is still out.. So who do we pair with Parkhurst?

Berhalter mentioned that he could possibly slot Tchani in center back from central defensive midfield so that we have some height and strength.

I think this would be a great idea. Tchani is a great D mid but I think would be an even more excellent center back (my weird thinking).

Ala similar or maybe akin to how defensive wingers have some offensive prowess, it would be great to have offense actually start at center back as well.

I'm actually surprised we haven't looked into possession center backs more so, in my opinion.

But, gosh especially against the former striker known as Kei. And for Berhalter's sake, FYI, it's probably not best if Kei scores 5 goals on us and molests our center back pairing (which will happen with Parkhurst, Saravia or Parkhurst, Barson).

So, even if Wahl was available. Putting Tchani at center back and saying, "hey just follow Kei everywhere" might be one great fricking idea.

Otherwise, Kei Kamara will have one fun day and score a lot of goals (better have your gin) and hopefully our Kamara just scores more.

Kamara > Kamara, lol.

I think that's basically all that needs to be written. Kei Kamara is likely to have fun against our defense (everyone does lately), so it's just whether our Kamara can score more goals.


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