Sunday, July 3, 2016

7/4/16: What Can You Do

Kamara's finishing deserves more wins to be honest.

1.) A terrible referee that found yellow cards for nothing (Afful's), couldn't give red cards if your name was Espinoza, but in the same degree was Wahl's terribly warranted in comparison? Was it a PK yes, red, umm. I guess warranted if you wanted to ruin the second half possibly and not letting Sporting Kansas City earn it.

2.) We need a striker obviously.

Because we can't sit a player named Trapp, Parkhurst, Finlay, or HiguaĆ­n. So, we cannot legitimately improve the lineup.

So, if we sign someone we must sign someone for the guy who has 7 goals in 6 starts (9 appearances). So, odd if we only start one striker and are still looking for one.

His first finish was crazy smart. Good on Eric Wynalda for recognizing this.

A lot of strikers would've tried to kick that and scuffed it wide. Kamara just lets the ball run into him. And the second was obviously good.

Some of the MLS Cup players haven't been very MLS Cup since and there needs to be no untouchables on this roster.

3.) Perhaps the one time this year I saw Columbus play and wasn't disappointed by the overall performance. Thought they deserved a result more. But, the roll of the dice never goes our way.

Often that ends 2-2. But, not for Columbus in 2016. So, as my title says what can you do?

4.) Good games by Ola Kamara, Justin Meram, Tchani mostly, Afful especially offensively.

5.) Columbus is looking for a CB and a striker?

I would nix the striker. We got one, WE GOT ONE. If we sit him, were losing 3-0 not 3-2. How about we just sign 3 better defenders.

I actually rate Afful and Waylon Francis but hell could use new defenders just in the overall mix. Spend all the Kamara money on shoring up the backline with 2 or 3 defenders.

We have goals up front. We have midfielders offensively and usually defensively. But if were allowing 3 goals a game. We'll lose every time.

6.) Good luck to Gregg Berhalter. I couldn't even tell you what we must do? Can anyone, any fan?

I think everyone would agree we have a midfield with talent, we now have a striker with considerable talent in Ola Kamara (I actually believe this), but we give up way too many goals..

So, if we have a couple million to spend, quit buying midfielders and buy defenders that WILL and MUST shore things up.

That's what I think we need to focus on and if that doesn't resolve it well.


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