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7/5/16: Soccer Book Recommendations

Some soccer books have hit a note with me, like A Life Too Short: The Tragedy of Robert Enke A Life too Short.png

Books like that deal with real life issues or problems that even soccer players deal with.

I never really got into soccer books until a couple years ago. But, have always been a reader especially when it comes to history (specifically World War II). So, as soccer is obviously a passion of mine with this blog, it made sense to get into soccer books eventually.

Highly recommend the book about Robert Enke above, still on my Kindle. And another one I've been reading lately that has been entirely eye opening is the previous story of American Soccer success, based on the NASL days.

Rock N' Roll Soccer by Ian Plenderleith

It's just interesting because it's basically an unknown history (for me) of American soccer fun and success prior to MLS.

It's very interesting currently because I'm on page 106 on a chapter called Marsh and Best: Entertaining The USA; as I've read about Best, Pele, and etc. last week I've run across the Calum Best story on television.

Calum Best is George Best's son and in the show Famously Single has talked about struggles he's had in his family, especially surrounding his father's death, and with his own drinking (that part starts at 17:07).

Really connected with as I'll get into.

Oddly, I was actually in the UK during George Best's unfortunate passing in November 2005.

That Fall, I was studying in Oxford, England during my sophomore year of college. I was at Westminster College (located in Pennsylvania) and did travel abroad between August and December 2005 in England. I actually went to Poland vs. England's World Cup Qualifier at Old Trafford in October 2005 in Manchester, England.

Let's just say I'm entirely American (just with a Polish background) and my motivations in life lead to either crazily cool or uncool moments. Singing Poland has Not Yet Died "Marsz, Marsz Dabrowski" in Old Trafford with tons of Polish fans. Umm cool, totally cool.

Entirely unforgettable. Was a how did I pull that off or make that happen moment?

And that was the actual 100% reason I went to the UK for five months. One soccer game.

Let's just say I'm entirely proud of being Polish (my one tattoo). Got a Polish eagle with my last name underneath it on my right arm.

The second picture were the Polish guys/blokes I made friends with in Manchester, England who let me sleep on their hotel floor. Could've killed or robbed me, lol. I was 19, in Manchester, England, without a hotel room because all the rooms were gone 5 months in advance.

I decided to go because I figured "f it. Got a ticket." Sometimes not the best idea guy, and almost backed out several times, but glad I plunged.

The media was crazy over there during George Best's death.

I just wanted to say thanks to Calum Best for the courage to tell his story above.

My dad was successful, loving, my best friend. But, his death in 2008 was related in a similar way. Not exactly, it was an accident (related to drinking) and wasn't the same relationship wise, we had an excellent relationship. But, it's just nice to hear of another's loss related to a dad, when there's not many you can connect with, talk to, when it comes to losing a dad unexpectantly (so that's why I appreciated the Famously Single clip).

That last pic was actually me and my Dad on my way to England.

As you might know was recently in my own accident. It took a few weeks of practice and rehabilitation to be able to even walk again. It took that for everything.

Even eventually running, which was tough because I used to be an excellent runner (although I hated to run). Ran a 4:50 mile, 11:16 minute two mile. But, couldn't get into just running (although my dad was an excellent track runner in high school). So, got into soccer instead and played in college.

Playing Division III college soccer at Westminster College in 2004.

I can run well currently once again and thank you god (fate, luck) for leaving me unharmed in that way.

Guess I found one soccer book though through this unexpected blog post.. One of the good things of my outlook personally now, totally believe that everything happens for a reason currently. As I was just planning to talk soccer books in this article and then got on YouTube and looked up this conversation on tv, then looked up his twitter.. But, hey got one new book to check out.

Thanks for listening. And if you have any soccer book recommendations feel free to share (not just for me lol, but for all those readers in general).


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