Sunday, July 3, 2016

7/3/16: Game Preview- Columbus Crew vs. Sporting Kansas City

Get me out of here in a yellow jersey.

Well, one player to be unlikely playing this Sunday is Emil Larsen.

Significant interest in Emil Larsen in Denmark? In what?

Churning butter?

Larsen heats up.

Emil Larsen would get a start? What are we Danish power Lyngby BK?

So, who should start?

I think we should go crazy with our lineup like we did in the U.S. Open Cup against the Chicago Fire.

Play two defenders, 14 midfielders. Mise well.

Because if we play 16 players, WE might win.

No, the Crew mustn't win.

Just wondering.. (And wild rationalization) but since soccer players don't have the busiest of lives, couldn't Larsen go to Denmark on like a umm Tuesday? So, perhaps he could be available for this match just in case Berhalter gets drugged and wants to play him.

I'm saying 2-1 win today because too many bad things have happened.. So, because soccer god has ran out of bad things to do to us, he shrugs, gives us a win.


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