Sunday, July 31, 2016

7/31/16: Nordecke World Journal- Crew Fall Short on Italian, Make Up For It With Adam Jahn

"I ain't all about that Crew life. Come on I've played for Spezia, Bari, and Calcio Como of Serie C most recently."

The Columbus Crew (it is speculated, mentioned by sources) went after Osarimen Giulio Ebagua.

A 30 year old Italian of Nigerian parents; who the Crew were hoping they could disguise into their more loveable, (K Mart special) Columbus version of Balotelli.

But, Giulio turned the Crew down.

First goal in video, uhh yeah, understand why. Maybe disguise Balotelli as Giulio instead.

Considering that strike Serie B makes Championship, League 1 look like a fierce game of adult league soccer.

That and I'm sure Italian women > OSU frat girls.

Back to Balotelli...

FYI, he's looking to be rescued by the way from Liverpool, if you're looking to live up that anniversary right Precourt :-). 

Only being gawked after by Ajax; The dutch club only beats us transfer fund-wise by probably $100 million, lol.

Would love to watch 3G explain that one, "This all was in my checklist. 1.) Get rid of Kei in May 2.) Play down Ola. 3.) Eventually make room for Balotelli."

Balotelli just speaks to 3G in his dreams I hear. You know those dreams where he's scissor kicking soccer balls at the end of Titanic or 300.

Well, anyways we failed at Giulio and went with our real plan Adam Jahn.

At least a strong forward, a young forward. More of a frame, late in games, up top. Crew might actually score one goal from a cross and a header now.

Berhalter has had more luck with his forward signings lately, this could work out for Jahn. Just depends how he comes in, hopefully a lot better than some recent signings (Tarek, Larsen).


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