Friday, July 29, 2016

7/29/16: Nordecke World Journal- Crew After Another Defender? William Soares

As proffered by MHaifa1913, the translated article related to this possible acquisition and shown in above image, is here.

William Soares, one 31 year old Brazilian center back who floundered a bit in the Portuguese second division, but made a career in the Isreali Premier League, could be Columbus Crew bound.

Despite, not the storybook career one would expect by all Crew signings, haha; he has bolstered himself. Since 07-08 Ribeiro Soares has been a starter every season (averaging 30 games).

First for lesser division Isreali clubs, but which led to Hapoel Be'er Sheva where he won the Isreali Premier League last season.

If his hair in the article above is any source, doing a yellow/blonde hair job in a select bit of hair like Mabwati and Tchani, he's already signed on the dotted line :-).

That was a bit ago, but should be comforting to those two that he would be game.

If this shows, he has hops and can be dangerous on set pieces which makes him Number 1 in that over every one of our defenders.

I like that he's over 6'1 and Brazilian. A Brazilian no matter will be better at playing the ball out of the back, at his feet, compared to other recent examples.

Can't cost a ton.

Really doesn't look bad.

Yet, MHaifa1913 said later on (in his post) that the Crew backed out after seeing him. But, article says Columbus already offered a contract, so we shall see.

Interesting that Columbus is looking for others in the back after acquiring Naess though. What do you think the overall plan is there?


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