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7/27/16: Sigi Schmid Part Duex?

Alejandro Moreno talks about former manager's exit (link here).

Sigi Schmid Part Duex?

Sigi Schmid is out in his eighth year as head manager of the Seattle Sounders.

What should the Columbus Crew do about it? If anything?

One thing, make a statement soon in the future about their own manager.

Schmid's team picked up six wins this year, that's double Berhalter's.

Don't speak for everybody standing out there on Saturday's; but, if we even had 3 more wins, I would be a bit happier.

What they should do, is make an announcement that were with Gregg Berhalter throughout 2016 and beyond if that's where we are at.

Not saying the Crew shouldn't be. But, while they are at it, if they can hit the mega millions and sign Sigi as Technical Director haha I'm okay with that (Emil Larsen, Hernan Grana, Amro Tarek anyone?)

But, Crew owner Anthony Precourt shouldn't be timid to admit the plan is Berhalter if it is. Don't think he would be at all, because that's his "be all, end all" plan.

Nevertheless, it should be up for question currently.

If were going to keep him here to float, Berhalter deserves at least a vote of confidence and a reason behind it; probably a blood transfusion of confidence with how the season has gone.

But, with last season (and everything that lead to it) a floundering Berhalter, who now has the club in 19th place, still might be worth a redemption opportunity.

If that's what Precourt believes; he should actually put that twitter account to good use and make an announcement.

Say the manager "Has our backing. Were going through a rough patch. But, to get us back to the field (that Schmid got us to in 2008) makes him worth it to me. And he will get us there again shortly."

That would be a real twitter message and deep and needed.

It would also show us a plan or rather the plan.

The Crew will not do it because any discussion about Berhalter's job, opens the door to negative discussion by fans and possible rumors of his exit. The Crew rather avoid any negative conversation ever, even if clearing the air can be conducive at times.

But, why not make it concrete if it is.

Signing players like Emil Larsen and Amro Tarek as your big offseason signings and the two gaining about 17 minutes of playing time by late July, and now both gone, is a question that needs to be answered.

The inability to change formation or change play when the entire Major League Soccer league now knows our system and beats it needs answered.

And not exactly in a bad way.

GM's and Owners do this all the time in England and etc. "Hey this is our guy. So, get used to it." Just called manager backing.

So, more importantly, would I ever be interested in a Sigi Schmid Part Duex?


But, will not happen on Columbus's end or Sigi's.

I don't see Schmid as a guy that likes to go backwards (and not that the Columbus Crew of course are backwards, well :-) not in that way). But, he's already been here and achieved what he set out to do.

I think his plan was always Crew (championship), Sounders (championship in a bigger market), and with that/three MLS championships at three locales it leads to the recognition to become US Soccer's National Coach.

I still would like to think that's a possibility and the Sounders news doesn't destroy that. They're a posh spice "were great" "god's gift to American soccer" club anyway.

I would vote for him as head man now at US Soccer.
Klinsmann can go to England (oh job taken), well coach Turkey or Poland or something.

Think you could still trust Sigi to do the job.

That's one American coach that knows his soccer.

And still a badass:
Thanks Sigi Schmid from Ryan Kozlowski on Vimeo.

I just want to thank Sigi and company for 2008. In July 2008, actually today on July 27th, my dad passed away from an accident. So, winning MLS Cup that year (nowhere as important for me) but put some joy back in my life, a positive distraction along with everything then involved with Nordecke. Good writeup on Sounders decision, with quotes (link). And, obviously.


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