Sunday, July 24, 2016

7/24/16: They Simply Cannot Do It

Well, at least it led to a good picture (Joe Maiorana / USA TODAY)

Beautiful weather and then sunset, a beautiful Nordecke glistening black and yellow, 20,034 in attendance... Looked like the perfect backdrop to good stuff happening.

And then, we go up 2-0.
And tie 2-2.

Haha, it's almost better if we just lose 4-nil with four goals in the first half. Then no one can say, "See little Johnny! Spuriously, once in a while, the Crew do good things!"

That's what Gregg Berhalter's post game comments tell me, "not a huge deal" although you can see his insides withering away late in games when they video cut to him. Don't just get pissed inside, be like "okay, this doesn't cut it. Players that don't start showing love for the club are added to the money for new recruits now! Goodbye and good luck."

For example, at least that devil Kamara could say he was pissed when he was pissed.

My post game took 1,440 minutes or so, because I needed a day away from that second half. Are we even trying? Or are we just not that good?

At least Tony Tchani I can praise you. Other than Higuaín's goal in the opener, I haven't seen many
Crew plays, goals that have made me say 'whoa' or anything. Maybe f**k? But, that was whoa.

Between that and two of his recent passes, Tchani is definitely capable of the remarkable personal moment. We could use more of that in our eleven.

Jesus. Ola could have one every game, Tchani assist/goal every other, and we still can only lose or tie. Lol, there's more ironing to do.

Anthony Precourt ‏@APrecourt 6m6 minutes ago
Lapses in concentration ruined a good effort. #CrewSC

0 retweets 0 likes

Lol, I wish it would stay 0 like and 0 retweet. I could one day make the most remarkable Crew video ever (haha is not at all) and receive 2 likes.

I could come up with the Nordecke's nickname, had a lazy role in name in 08', and my twitter would blow up to 180 followers.

But, Precourt could be like:

Anthony Precourt ‏@APrecourt 6m6 minutes ago
I farted and it made me think of the Crew's defense, gassy. #CrewSC

50 retweets  250 likes

If we wear ties for ties. Intense. "Poindexterecke" is our new nickname.

Actually would be an amusing Tifo. Just that name. Everyone dressed to the nine's. Do nerdy chants. Rarely cheer, just be boring with a cocktail.

At least we could then amount to the Crew's 2016 effort in the soccer department.

Actually would be kind of hilarious if we just made it a jazzy dance floor and cocktail hour since nothing goes on, on the field. Could've showed me that Tchani highlight and left it at that.

Who knows maybe it's our fault. All I know is it's not Meram's, don't tell him, he doesn't like fan negativity.

Anywho, something good from a beautifully crappy day...

**Cedrick had a tweet for Afful's 30th. I'm somehow older than Afful by 2 months and 7 days, damn. But, you can see their buds and you can tell on the field. The movement, one two's between them were flowing last night.

First half real crisp understanding between them. I thought it was even nicely crisp between 45th and 52nd minute. Almost effortless then.... So...

Bring on Ethan Finlay, bye Cedrick.

BERHALTER you don't have to sub, just to sub and I actually don't think Ethan had a bad 30 minutes or showing at all.

                                              Just Ethan Finlay's dad and Gregg Berhalter

I'm excited for more Afful and Cedrick on that right side I feel like it could lead to something over there. Who knows what, lol?

Also, when were up 2-0 you don't have to sub because things are going good. And if we do, sub defense since it's 90 degrees out and Kaka just came on.

Patrick Murphy ‏@_Pat_Murphy 24s25 seconds ago
This is the most disappointed I've seen Gregg Berhalter following a match. Said first half was overshadowed by lack of effort. #CrewSC

Well, do everything to be less disappointed and you will be.

Who gives a shit how disappointed he looks.

The when is the shit going to hit the fan "with so and so" that happens at most work places does not happen at the Columbus Crew.

Plain and simple. Can we just leave it at that. The fact that you can hire a guy that was crucial to your 2008 (and only) MLS Cup, and have him say or volunteer to say this..

And you only give him 3 out of 9 points at home. Whole team should be fired.

Get to offseason 2016. Fire some of the problems with a rosy "everything is wonderful and your excellent" Crew sendoff. Try again in March 2017.

Cause no matter who we sign. Let's say some other never heard of new signing joins the Crew from a forest in Iceland. Or we get a new guy back off of injury, Higuaín or Sauro, the 2016 Crew is a 2-2 tie sort of team day in, day out.

I'll watch from a distance.*               

* FYI , no need to call me 400 more times this season Crew ticket office (like every other week), don't worry guy that has wrote this blog for 8 years and had a crucial,
non-crucial part in Nordecke name (lol, literally what transgressed) knows how to get tickets there, doesn't need a sales pitch to be directed to your ticket sales website or where Crew stadium is, lol.


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