Saturday, July 23, 2016

7/23/16: Game Preview- CCSC vs. OCSC, Start both new signings

The Columbus Crew made two relatively important acquisitions this weekend for now and more importantly the future. I would start both today and here's why.

Just get it over with right away, Clark seeing the bench; in contrast to making that a Lifetime miniseries process the next year and a half.

If you do that and it does lead to a win you'll have a lot less negativity surrounding the team ASAP. Fans will be even more impressed with moves this week (some have questioned the decisions still) and be impressed that it led to a win.

I don't know if the Crew are intelligent enough to realize but if you throw both in ASAP, THEY HAVEN'T BEEN CONNECTED TO THIS PILE OF CRAP ALL YEAR.

So, could move things in an opposite direction much more quickly. Even if it does on accident, if you want to win the most in people's eyes and the Crew could use some of that with their fans currently; making two decently good acquisitions and playing both right away and it leading to a win right away is a good way to do it. Opens a new chapter.

I think Naess will start, but they will still think they owe Clark something. Which they don't. He's a guy I like, but Steffen is better (today actually).

Well, if he isn't today (especially if Steffen isn't match fit currently), he's better next week.

**That considering the only one I see the Crew starting today is Nicolai Naess.

With internationals Amro Tarek, Emil Larsen, Hernan Grana all getting perhaps homesick and leaving the Crew in the near past; Crew fans are worried that Nicolai Naess (who's never been signed outside of his native Norway) could be next.

I do not think so and here's why..

Bob Bradley.

Nicolai Naess, oddly in Norway 100% of his career is used to an American coach; As Naess started two of his first three professional seasons with an American coach.

And one whose personality is similar to our head coach. Out of just about every American player (except perhaps Michael Bradley) I've never seen two doppelganger's; or rather two guys look more pissed on the sideline than Bob Bradley and Gregg Berhalter.

So, I think Naess will have some ability to deal with an unhappy Gregg Berhalter.

In spurious, unrelated other news, Bob Bradley as US National Team Coach again?

Could say I'm crazy. But, he's a manager that impresses me more (or even more now) with having the balls to go to Egypt, Stabaek, and now Le Harve. After Le Harve, overall might be a hell of a well-rounded manager currently.

Not easy to live in Egypt and all across Europe, far away from family and friends, to pursue the best in YOUR career. God bless his wife.

If he couldn't coach the U.S. Nats out of a Saw or The Purge-like situation before I bet he can now. Umm especially compared to Jurgen Klinsmann, lol.

**That aside, my starting eleven today:

*Please just start Francis he's twice the player as Ashe. Love Ashe as a serviceable backup at RB, perhaps even LB. Think he's a great option with injuries and might still see 10-15 games a year that way. But, forgive Francis for whatever doghouse he's in, has been nowhere near the worst player in the eleven. If his form has dropped, it's half on Berhalter, for messing with his playing time.

**Start Cedrick 90 minutes, every game. Even when he gets 10 minutes, his 10 minutes look a hell of a lot more dangerous than Ethan Finlay looks in 2016 over 360 minutes. Makes a dangerous bench in the future, but wouldn't be so against putting Finlay and/or some DM's on the trading block; if we need more money after the Steffen deal to sign a good second or backup striker.

If you need a better interpretation after all my fancy notes:


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