Friday, July 22, 2016

7/22/16: Nordecke World Journal- Crew Sign Zack Steffen

Well, always expect the Columbus Crew to come at you with a move one wouldn't much expect at all.

I'm maybe or not at all oddly...

VERY a fan of this.

Yet, in the end, depends on the Crew's plans for Steffen and etc.

I think Steffen with time (perhaps very little) in Clark's wings; or even now could play starting keeper in MLS.

If I was Steve Clark I would be a bit worried perhaps, and would at least want to ensure my top spot by playing out of my skin.

But, if Clark implodes as he did for a few games earlier this season, it's good that Clark has something to worry about behind him. I'm glad. Because Clark has never had that healthy pressure in his three years with the Crew (IN ANY DEGREE). Everyone needs someone else behind them that keeps them playing at their best.

And akin to how Nicolai Naess is considered a good possession, pass and move center back. Zack Steffen has the strength, speed and improved ball control of a possession from the back keeper (I at least believe from seeing him with the U-20's, but we will see). It's like we were trying to play this system and getting by, when the center backs and your keeper should probably be one of the best at it.

So, two signings that make more sense in those positions in how we play. I'm good with that. Have had less productive windows in the past and we're still ongoing.

Nordecke World Journal (Crew Sign Zack Steffen) highlight video:


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