Wednesday, July 20, 2016

7/20/16: Opinion

So, I guess some in the Nordeck are considering wearing ties to protest ties? :-) I don't know if it's a grand idea, could be if you're just trying to be stylish.

I guess against Orlando it would be relevant since that's the only team beating us in the tie standings.


OCFC   10
CCSC    9
Revs     8
Impact  8
Galaxy  8

Were in 2nd place, oh yeah.

We can't even win at that, lol.

But, I only see the point if it's for fun. Because sometimes your team wins and sometimes it loses, and it's just our turn to suck this year. Oh well.

But, not sure how you protest ties with more ties? If someone could describe.

Still, I think if you want to do it, got to do it right.

And by that, all 3,000 wearing a full tilt suit, even in 90 degree weather, like this:

Holding a big Tifo that says "Tie Bowl." If we still do tifo?

And making it not against the team but because were the most ludicrous fans in MLS and want to legitimately bring back a penalty shootout after tied games; because if we had some of those could be farther up the standings.

That might be constructive, lol.

Otherwise, it's going to be 100 people with ties on their heads and no one, including the team, or anyone else will understand why.

Another suggestion... Back in the day, when we were bored in the section we didn't buy ties, we bought paint and freehanded banners. I would suggest that more.

For those that already do. Thanks and keep doing.

But, honest, was a good way to make friends..
Players and organization can respect your work (lol I think, who knows).
And you take something personal from it, if you become good at it. Myself and some others didn't have to trace at the end, could freehand banners by just looking at the design.

Would definitely approve of more focus on that personally.

For example, some of us had to move boulders to make this tifo two stick happen. Some thought it was a real shitty idea, got abuse on Bigsoccer.

But, this makes a statement.

This makes a statement. That's why I wouldn't be against some voted leaders in the section who could move boulders. It's a nice American quality that we all want to lead ourselves and do our own thing. But, even America umm has to vote for Hilary or Trump.. Umm, gross.

Can't be in that bad of a place with our leaders.

If you're going to do something make a statement. Otherwise, just stand there and clap and enjoy the game. Which is totally awesome honestly as well.

Finally, not against it. Especially if we tie at home again this Saturday, lol. Just think if we're going to do it, why not make it big? Everyone in their suits for opener, as would be hilarious with 3,000 supporters looking like their going to a wedding (can change to something less warm as game goes on) with a massive tifo. If you want to make a statement, THAT will make a statement. Might take a couple weeks to plan, but deserved if we were expecting 9 out of 9 from this home span and get 3.


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