Wednesday, July 20, 2016

7/20/16: Nordecke World Journal (Nicolai Naess)

Naess.. Naessi? Naessy?

It appears that the Columbus Crew are after a center back. One Nicolai Naess of Norway (link).

1.) Cool name.

Sounds a little like a Bond villain. Can hear Sean Connery saying, "oh that Nicolai Naess of Norway."

2.) Berhalter only know people in Scandinavia? Could be worse, some very beautiful women there. But, 90% of our signings come from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and luckily not Finland.

3.) I wish he was a little bit taller. 5'11.

Berhalter has a thing for short guys.

I'm sure Real Housewives of Nordecke (@RHOfNordecke) might have a thing for Naess too; as dude makes our team twice as good looking as we used to be.

It's important if we lose, we at least look good doing it.

I seriously was looking for a highlight reel on YouTube and all I could find was Naess drinking a juice box.

I figure that's a good sign.

Now, I'm going to take a serious tone, uhh-hum.

From what some have dug up he is not the tallest, but jumps high.


Is pretty fast and excellent ball control for a center back. Even more excellent for Berhalter's system (since he has never had a center back that can possess, honestly).

Might deem one of the defensive midfielders extractable into a spot for Marcus Haber or some other new forward (as I so wish, with sprinkles and a cherry on top).

But, honestly if he's an excellent possessor at CB I would love it, at that age. It's odd that, with the system we employ, we haven't had any except for perhaps "Pipo." Giancarlo Gonzalez.

Stabaek wasn't very strong last year in this preseason match against the Vancouver Whitecaps. Down 3-0 before coming back with some respectability and losing 3-2.


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