Tuesday, July 19, 2016

7/19/16: A Description of the Nordecke World Journal

As the world turns, so does the days of our lives

Every new daily post I do I have to make a video for apparently.

First, Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk's. And now... Lol, my apologies.

Looking for transfer news stuff and soccer in general is very soap opera-ey, so a soap opera intro was fitting.

Probably should retweet me for wasting 48 seconds of your life there.

Or several more hours in general since 2008. Well that got real... Depressing.

Anyways, Crew transfer news around the world today is depressing obviously. Feels like February news in MLS currently. Might reformulate this to once a week.

Boom. Once a week (on Montag's) I'll post the Nordecke World Journal on here from stuff I scoured from around the world (Crew related, both transfer and general). I'll keep it under wraps, unless it's a big story or rumor which will lead to a daily special NWJ.

For example, here's a regular edition, with news I wouldn't find too pressing that could wait a few days, from yesterday: http://www.crewture.net/2016/07/71816-nordecke-world-journal-marcus.html

I found a nice bit of info yesterday on Amro Tarek, who is now with his fourth team this season, lol. Makes his failure at Columbus unlikely Berhalter's fault. In general, had a couple nice remarks from yesterday's article (on twitter, Nordecke facebook, Bigsoccer, etc.).

Registered, so a few new things on Crewture:
-Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk's open every day. It's just a nice way to hit some Crew stuff and everything in soccer in general, get the day going.

Article that describes that a bit better.

-Then every day I'll be checking for transfer rumors. If I stumble over one that's hot. A Nordecke World Journal will be going up on that day.

If nothing (as has been). I'll scour the Crew on google in the US and around the world, keep not needed to be shared now stories in the bank, and post an article every Monday as I did yesterday.

Ok, well let's all pray for some transfer news.

Could deter less articles like this please, lol. Just describing what's going on around these parts.


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