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7/17/16: Getting What We Deserve vs. DC

Give me a chance at the goal scoring record

Post Game: Getting What We Deserve vs. DC

Glad to see a sell out.

Figured that considering would be a good chance, a good omen for the team. That with an excellent crowd of Columbus fans behind them, would spark them up, and it did overall.

I thought at least early on we looked a bit more dynamic, aggressive, looking to score.

We had the better of the chances, runs. Not overwhelmingly, but it looked a bit more open for us then against Toronto FC on Wednesday.

I thought confidently as the game went on that the three points were ours; Compared to how will we screw this, which crept into my mind after our goal Wednesday.

But, considering the opportunity, to just have one shot on goal? I'm of the view point that it's obvious, with that, we need to play two strikers.

If we can find another to pair with Ola Kamara? We had McInerney, who I liked, had promise, but got rid of to bring in Conor Casey.


Two strikers might allow us to get that 2nd or 3rd goal were missing this year compared to last. I think two strikers has to help compared to playing two, now three DM's lol. If you consider our attacking midfielder? Central midfielder? tonight.

We need more chances to capitalize on.

So, sign some central defenders THAT CAN defend. So that we can trade some of our DM's since we have 400. Play TWO STRIKERS.

** We do a lot of awesome shit around the box in the offensive end, we possess. Great.

But, I rather have that awesome shit happen in the opponent's 18, then around it.

Sign another striker, place him with Ola. Who has 9 goals (from like 10 opportunities) in 13 games! How many opportunities do you think Ola will have with another dangerous player attracting attention in that box? If you do that he might play half a season in MLS and get the goal scoring record.

Lol, you think I'm joking? 9 goals in 13 games is a ridicoulous tear in any professional league.


Lol, unfortunately not as simple as that.

It should be. It should be an absolute dread to play in our not as fun stadium, in our not as fun city, with our not as fun corner kicks with 3,000 fans flicking you off.

Three games in a row at home in July has to be three games were winning any year with any record. Even if we have 15 wins at this point in the season. Is beyond crucial at home, we should win, no matter.

Back in it.

So far, we have two out of six points, best case scenario we can get 5 of 9. And chances of that are err.. Debatable.

Even if next week against Orlando, we hit the mark for once this season *lol*. 5 out of 9 points at home is barely playoffs, even in MLS. So, were getting what we deserve overall.

**That refereeing call was piss poor.

Obviously the MLS ref didn't see the play because it was unlikely even a yellow offense. You don't pull the card out if you saw it.

So, why do you pull a red card if you didn't?

At worse you can be like, to yourself, "hey didn't see that shit but saw some studs, yellow." Fair enough.

Ted Unkel 2. But, even more out of shape. Felt bad for that ref running around the field all night.

**Nice on Ola again, what a finish and particularly needed since that was our ONE SHOT ON GOAL. Excellent by Afful too.


Great by Ola and Afful. But, doesn't Meram or Finlay or somebody have that in them once a game as well? No, well alright; it's like seeing an eclipse around here.

**So, with one shot why do we need, especially at home, to play two defensive midfielders at defensive midfield and a third at a midfield or rather an attacking midfield position (have a hard time calling it that tonight) if Higuaín is out? Do we need that much cover?

I didn't even notice Saeid this game. He wasn't alone and was far out of position so don't blame him, same as I don't really blame Jimenez when he played there. If you're a defensive midfielder, you won't be anywhere as effective at attacking midfield, lol?

I thought Duka was hotter, stronger in the last. Was logically a bit better than the two we've tried in the previous games. Was better than Saeid, so why not sub him there if YOU NEED TO MAKE A SUB in this game. It was obvious by half that wasn't working wonders. At least Meram, Duka connected a few times early on in the last run out. It's like Gregg at random has been pulling a name out of a hat for that position since Federico was gone.

Credit if he's trying to make Higuaín look like a savior. We need him now in that position desperately. But, shouldn't we have cover there? We have 8 defensive midfielders, but we traded our attacking midfield backup (Larsen) WHEN Higuaín was injured. And Larsen was Berhalter's signing, lol.

**Also, WE DO NOT NEED TO JUST SUB to sub.

Might've had as much to do with us dropping another lead as much as anything else (if not more).

It wasn't Cedrick's best run out or moment ever. But, he had some good moments, especially early on in the first half. Have him just switch sides because he can.

But, nope boy wonder Ethan Finlay can only take a small dose of punishment.

We can only sit him, let him think about it for 60 minutes and MUST BRING HIM ON. Cedrick walking off was like "welp ok, there goes that."

With how Finlay has played in 2016 (was great before), along with adding Barson and Jimenez, you're basically downgrading are starting eleven even more so. Guess you could see that coming or at least you can't correct it in taking off Cedrick and Meram, two of our most creative players.

Why bring Barson on for Meram in the 86th minute? Are three center backs going to protect us? Just stick Meram back at center back if you need it that badly, he probably has a better chance of getting in the way, lol. I don't even remember Barson on screen, on D.C. United's goal? Or at all admittedly. Was he directly placed in Meram's position at left midfield?

Instead of defensive midfielder Hector Jimenez for defensive midfielder Mohammed Saeid at attacking midfield, why not play (or sub) someone that can at least play some attacking midfield in Dilly Duka? Or if what were looking for is just central midfield, lol someone who can play it better and has some creativity. Who knows at this point what that position is when Higuaín is out? Maybe we're meant to play three DM's there, but could be the reason we had a shot on goal.

**Tchani is a legitimate beast. So, give him DM alone, other DM's are just sapping his space, ability there.

He started the goal play at 1:40:

Put another threat up top instead, Ola gets more possibilities/chances because of it, beats Kei's mark of last year. Gregg looks like a genius from that signing. Can still save his season from it in that way.


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