Friday, July 15, 2016

7/15/16: Brat A Buck Game Preview vs. DC


I'm expecting a tie because I've lost that optimism of playoffs (and have just accepted it).

But, the Crew will sign some Ukrainian defender that played in Finland!
Or even the gloried Marcus Haber.


Really what I'm excited about in this game is Mabwati's hair.

I'm starting to hope we sign Lee Nguyen. So, that we can have that hair, with that hair in midfield.

And we sign Simon Phoenix.

Anyways, here's the weird lineup I would try this week (without Jimenez at attacking mid, keeper, or striker). Bench is fine:

Play one defensive midfielder, because we can't play defense anyway, and there's no need for two on the US field, Crew, or any roster (weird opinion I have).

Put that player instead at CM or play two strikers. (If we ever have two) in the future. Please. Mise well change the formation now, give other teams in MLS something to think about. Instead of being so easy to read.

The rest of MLS has us hell of figured out at this point.

We'll go up 1-0 on Saturday, no reason to even feign excitement this time. The only thing instead to wonder is how best we'll screw it up and tie 1-1.

1-1 score.


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