Thursday, July 14, 2016

7/14/16: Crewture Post Game Review (Toronto FC Game- We Must Play Faster)

Different, perhaps odd solution for Tchani partner, in midfield, included. Were officially 20 out of 20 teams now, so mise well try a few in different spots until something sticks. (Photo by Matt Ellis)

We Must Play Faster, More Direct

It felt like Toronto FC had actual possession of the ball 20% of last night's game, but still appeared to have the more dangerous chances overall because they were much, much more direct.

I don't think we have to be that direct. The most direct team that's ever lived. But, we must be quicker about what were doing, trying to achieve on the field. It is too slow.

You can see two classic examples of way different styles in last night's game and it wasn't like Toronto's was prettier (what you want your team to do). But, they achieved what they needed to; A tie on the road with nobody that they usually have.

No Giovinco, Bradley, Altidore, Johnson, and Irwin. Lol, if you want to cry about us missing Federico or Wahl for a lot of games prior (or are injuries in general lol) god bless you.

Because that was a very bad Toronto FC team and we still couldn't turn the leaf, really take it to them, play quickly with a real impetuousness to score and score often.

How we should've came out. Especially considering no Bradley, Giovinco, or Altidore. That's like playing no Toronto.

But, we were in MLS Cup last year. Even if they did have all three, we should be going at them at home. No?

Instead, were tiki taka-ing around midfield and everywhere.. When were on offense there's always eleven defenders behind the ball and it's as hard as hell to break down.

We can play possession and passing, faster and direct.

Like you look around in the 85th minute and were passing side to side and backwards. Someone take the damn ball and go. We need to win now, today, not tie. From our style at times it's just like our players are aloof.

**Here's my solution, that could suck, for the next two games at midfield.

We need one now since finding someone to play in Federico's spot is like trying to parallel park a Dodge Ram 1500 currently. We of course released our backup AM (Emil Larsen) when Federico got injured, lol. Our timing is impeccable this year.

But, I think this has to work better than Jimenez or Martinez playing attacking mid, lol. I didn't think Duka was bad. Especially early on in the first half. But, this would allow Cedrick to start and allows Gregg to still start Finlay no matter...

As it's imperative to try to work Finlay through his 20 to 30 game cold streak. Hey, if we can and can start Cedrick at the same time, I'm game.

Play Meram as a #10, at attacking mid.

You see his creative stuff. In that regard he trumps Federico, in his playmaking passing not so much. But, mise well try it out for two games when Federico can't be an option anyways. Better than the creative libero/right back Hector Jimenez playing there. Lol, I was like huh, when that happened.

**I want to just play faster, we can't sometimes with Federico. Just my own preference.

So, considering, I may be all for Meram there for an audition. Gets Mabwati on the field in Meram's usual left side spot, since Finlay has to play on right. At this point, I won't even consider slotting anyone else at right midfield because won't happen.

So, put Meram at #10. Mabwati on left, Finlay on right. Duka at DM with Tchani (in a more advanced role, with Tchani more defensive behind than usual) cause think Duka brings something. Can be somewhat defensive but spring us offensively. Believe it or not, since we've been playing with two DM's since 2009, we can play with just one DM.

Think Duka would be stronger around there than Saeid, Trapp has been. Obviously Jimenez, Saravia.

If Mabwati gets occupied, stopped on left then switch him to right side. Like we did the opposite last night. Opened Mabwati back up for a little bit late in the game. Finlay can be just as effective on left as he has barely been on the right then come out.

Think that in every regard would be more dangerous.

So, next two games, this is what I would go with (and then re-evaluate when Higuaín is ready to go again):

Then re-evaluate. But, I think in the DM part of the field Duka and Tchani could boss things together, at a higher level, compared to Tchani with Trapp or Saeid (which hasn't really been too awe inspiring). Just looks like two guys covering the same space.

Trapp is on Gregg's list of must starts so won't happen. But, just like to talk over options. Consider.

Doesn't hurt for us to consider a lot since were 20 out of 20 teams.

**Another thing I think that should be considered by Gregg perhaps is..

That Gregg needs to evaluate whether he should add to the Kei money. Because might be time for Trapp to go see if he can live in Europe a while, if Meram or someone else elsewhere can replace Higuaín, and whether it's worth trying to get Finlay out of his funk of a lifetime in 2016.

I don't think all three could be yes, we should keep them (I'm fine if some are). So, I could see us adding to the Kei money before we make some major acquisitions (if we make any). And we should perhaps add to that money, even if we hurt one of our players feelings, were in 20th.

Mise well make that decision now, add onto the money, so you can bring in any even better player. Just saying.

Especially if someone isn't in next season's plans.


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