Thursday, July 14, 2016

7/14/16: The 90 Crew vs. TFC

Ashe was a bright spot, so was Toronto FC's directness compared to ours.

First 3 to 4 minutes: Looks all Columbus so far in this game, not a bad start possession wise at home.

8th minute: Toronto FC is finding their way into the game more. Got two shots on net, doesn't feel all Columbus anymore. Rarely does, lol.

11th minute: Crew looking the brighter side once again.

15th minute: Offside call against Toronto FC looks a little bit too close for comfort.

16th minute: Nice of former Crew player Josh Williams to try to redirect the ball defensively past his own keeper, into his own net.

If achieved, there would've been a nice cheer for him in front of the Nordecke.

21st minute: Great movement by Justin Meram and a nice layoff to Dilly Duka. Duka has to do a bit better (well way better) with his attempt on goal. Skies it, which makes him fit right in with the rest of the 2016 Crew.

24th minute: Better pass and move play by Duka.

27th minute: Corner from another Duka move. Having a good little spell.

I think (obviously) a little more competent, dangerous replacing Federico Higuaín compared to the defensive Hector Jimenez. Didn't even get the idea of putting Hector at central or attacking midfield last game. Better with this.

29th minute: Like just a little bit more power, speed, directness in midfield. Instead of tiki-tak, so probably would be fine with Duka or someone else in front of Federico eventually. Just me.

30-35 minute: Not enough push, impetuousness to take this game to TFC, get goals, points at home. We need a win this game, take it to TFC more! 

Take a risk, some of our guys seem a bit too afraid to at times.

33rd minute: Nice move by Meram on Bono outlet pass mistake.

But, make a way better final decision on the finale of the play. Could describe 99% of Crew chances this year in that way.
37th minute: Like Duka and Meram together in the same areas in the first half on this left side.

Duka can be a bit tricky, creative too. So, perhaps could give some defenders questions when you have both of them coming your way.

I think acquiring Duka is a good move. Always a player that I liked. Might not be an All Star but a good starting option and option off the bench. At least you know you're getting someone who can cut it in MLS compared to Emil Larsen. So improvement there.

42nd minute: Like the high five handshake that Berhalter gave to TFC's Delgado on the sideline after he trotted over after running off a hit.

Berhalter might be having a pretty ramshackle 2016 season; But, at least he's less of a nerd than this Greg Vanney who you can hear screaming his instructions every two seconds.

The drunkest in the Nordecke each game, could coach TFC to the playoffs with Giovinco.

43rd minute: Good couple chances for Meram in 43rd minute. This is why fans can see more of a use out of him in 2016 compared to Ethan Finlay (sorry Ethan).

I've wrote notes all this half and this is the first time I've mentioned Finlay. Have no clue what has happened there. Too bad there wasn't a soccer psychologist that could talk to MLS players.

A Dr. Oz type, I would watch that on tv. Maybe would be more appealing than this.

Or not.

44th minute: Well, one good thing is a clean sheet first half for once.

Crew could do without screwing themselves and losing the game three minutes in. So, bravo.

Second Half

46th minute: Thank god we subbed in Mabwati and gave Finlay the rest (he deserves). Mabwati already with some dangerous movement and a cross.

48th minute: Well, that makes sense. Crew look better and almost go down 1-0.

Great opportunity for Osorio. How do you get paid in MLS and not finish that chance?

Crew lucky to still be in this game 0-0.

53rd minute: Mabwati seems a handful, if we get on the scoresheet think it might be after his introduction into this game. Like how he is direct, gets right down the line.

Doesn't give opponent all day to think on his side.

54th minute: Well, that all worked out. Great little finish by Afful, nice for us to score from a corner/set piece for once.

54th minute (and 30 seconds lol): TSN Canadian commentator moans, says Ola Kamara interfered with goal offsides, lol. Give me a break.

Bono has no chance of getting there, that strike in the corner, even if there was just air in front of him anyways.

On replay, TFC player Mark Bloom kept Ola onsides (questionable in TSN reporter's view, lol, surprise).

55th minute: Someone shot from more than 8 yards out and kept it on target. Shocker.

Congrats Harrison Afful.

Hope it's a winner (or one of several). By the way, is that his first goal or second? Don't remember him scoring yet.

58th minute: Looking real good now. Going at TFC confidently after goal.

Looking pretty solid as well currently with the Meram, Mabwati, even Duka combo in midfield.

Also, thank the lord that Osorio was sleeping on his chance in the 48th minute for TFC. Would've changed the game disastrously and totally.

60th minute: Leading, do we get scared? That's odd territory (leading) for us in 2016. May not know how to deal with it.

62nd minute: Hell of some defense by Afful. Later in the play, Ola getting involved a bit finally, but first touch way off.

Otherwise, 2-0. A little cold tonight. Perhaps the coldest Ola Kamara has looked yet.

63rd minute: Going too good, figured that was on the way in this season of dreams.

Completely against run of play; as Jordan Hamilton scores out of nowhere for TFC. Mise well play Pokémon Go in the Nordeck as it's now 1-1.

Doubtful to improve, in next thirty minutes, usually does not lately. Run.

By the way nice cover on defense there by Tyson Wahl. Not being too hard on him considering he's had a pretty good 2016 but when he turned (to face attacker) felt like a life story went by.

Have we had an easy game all year? Due as shit. 1-1.

67th minute: So, TFC scores and my power goes out from a storm (live on Ohio-Pa border/otherwise known as heaven) cool.

This encapsulates the season personally.

67th minute (at 4:38 am, compared to 11:30 pm when I was last watching on replay): Power is back, woot woot.

68th minute: Jimenez comes in. Think Berhalter makes same three subs every game. Don't let them know what to expect.

70th minute: Jimenez falls down in midfield on break away untouched, complains to ref. This will save us, lol.

72nd minute: Ola offside.. Cedrick started half really well, was changing things. Has morphed into Finlay 2 as half has gone on.

Effectiveness deteriorated as we go here. But, same goes for most of the team.

73rd minute: A good opportunity and another for Crew. No one finishes.

77th minute: Good TFC chance out of nowhere again. Getting a lot of that from direct opportunities.

It would kill us to be this direct.

You really can go fast, be direct, but still possess. Even out of the back.

83rd minute: Overall, just once again not good enough. Would be surprised with win. Thinking tie here.

I want "this is the end of our season" desperation now if we don't win. Because it is.

Seems like our team is incapable of that.

85th minute: Go forward please with possession quicker. Direct compared to side to side, backwards. We only have 5 more minutes, FYI.

87th minute: Well god that was scary. Nice chance for TFC, nice save by Clark.

TFC has no business winning. But, a lot of their chances in this game were more terrifying for our defense because it happened so quick, that we weren't able to have 11 defenders behind everything.

For our offense, there's always too many defenders to cover because we move way too slow.

93rd minute: Ugh. If 3 ties do we just share the Trillium Cup with TFC?

Lol, that's probably what we'll currently have to settle for in 2016.


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