Wednesday, July 13, 2016

7/13/16: Please Beat TFC Tonight

At least they're learning.

Who knows how Becks saved soccer in the first place. Such intelligent fans.

But, they obviously deserve better.

Umm every year. Especially being such righteous fans.

We (or MLS fans in general) couldn't cheer until Toronto came into the league.
Couldn't figure out clapping.
So, thank you really.

How do soccer fans deserve better? It's baffling that a whole supporters area could walk around with a sign like that. Columbus Crew could lose or tie for the next three years and I would be fine.

They could lose for the next 50. And we all will be fine. I mean we made it through Warzycha as manager so were used to losing.

Berhalter is just helping us jog our memory lately.

It's like a new girlfriend that reminds you why you don't have girlfriends. So, thank you for reminding me not to be overly optimistic on game day.

I guess. :-)

Well, since were trying to sign center backs Toronto FC's Damien Perquis is now available, lol.

He could switch sides for one game, to fill the void of nothing we have currently, and we could sack him after today's game.

Could've told TFC that Perquis wouldn't be especially glorious as a Polish fan.

In the work up to Euro 2012 in Poland, Ukraine; Poland's (less intelligent coach than currently) brought Perquis, and another player Obraniak in (both French) because they had Polish grandparents.

Well, Perquis never played again after Euro 2012 because he was rather bad. And luckily Poland learned their lesson quickly.

Toronto FC it took a bit longer. Imagine that.

But, an option (he's a body, lol). Or maybe they can give us back Josh Williams, who I always liked.

We may not deserve better from Toronto, they even police escort our buses.

But, we deserve maybe one win, lol soccer gods.

I think we have no worries this game. I've never been more confident at home because of this:


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