Friday, July 1, 2016

7/1/16: Larsen "May" Want Out. Who Can Blame Him?

Some of the comments in the comment section by Crew fans in this post makes me wonder?

One fan said "Crew fan and season ticket holder here. Having seen him play, he is not playing up to expectations. As a fan, I absolutely hope for every player to succeed and to do their best, but he just hasn't done well."

Great for this fan, I don't think any Crew fans have seen Larsen play? Or from it could say whether he's doing well or not?

Emil Larsen has had 31 minutes on the field this season, in 3 appearances! That's like 10 minutes an appearance.

What's the last thing you've done well or notable in 31 minutes?

I have no idea how we can base Larsen's talent on 31 minutes. Who can blame Larsen for being like what the hell? The team can barely win this season and yet a U-23 Denmark prospect can't get any time on a MLS field.

I would want out too.

Not that he deserves every minute on the field. Or that him being on the field will greatly change things. And etc.

But, just in case, shouldn't we find out before he wants to leave?

Get something out of the season.

Tarek left (and may be the smartest) because he couldn't get any time. Larsen will leave. Mabwati will be next.

That's what you get when we have too much talent at like 3 positions.

Could be missing out on some great players, great acquisitions because of absolutely terrible player/game time management. I'm sure Berhalter explains it as well as he does in the media. Aka not at all.

Even if Larsen scored two goals in 31 minutes, can't say he's doing brilliant lol.

So, why not just see? Give him a run of games with Higuaín even out to make him happy? See what he has.

Is Christian Martinez such a starlet that we have to start him instead, now?

Were 3-5-7. Would it hurt to give the guy 90 minutes?

Must be already on his way out, if even without Higuaín as an option he can't play. If that's the case let it happen now. Get it over with instead of letting it hang over for Larsen, the rest of the team, and fans.


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