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7/10/16: When It Rains It Pours

Take my picture curly beard, I'm Kei Kamara.

When it Rains It Pours

If you didn't know. I'm confident that the Revs announcers, Paul Mariner and Brad Feldman, told you.

Mr. Feldman,

"It's Raining Buckets but the question is whether that's worse than Cats and Dogs?"

And you know Paul "the Revolution could've won easily 5-1, but the Crew could also have easily said they should've left here with a 3-3 score?"

Is that our big goal? To tie Kei Kamara's team or one opponent in general? Maybe at this point in the season (visual description link to our season). But, best of luck with the Crew's decisions in the final third.

Obviously the most important point of this game lol.

But, why you rep Eric Wynalda and his play by play guy last game because the Revolution's broadcast Crew was so 2004 MLS. Terrible.

*Thanks to Lee Nyugen's goal in the 3rd minute, in general as a soccer fan, for one moment of pretty. That was slick, definitely goal of the week.

Also, because I'm to the point this season where I like all hope to be put aside miraculously early.

Would be terrible if Crew fans had to ponder for long whether things could perhaps change. But, what a wonderful (you don't want to play me Jurgen?) strike.

Still with all that said, what was up with Lee Nyugen's hair?

"Hey I don't have gray hair, good black hair, but you know I'm just going to dye it gray because it looks bitching." Looked like a 12 year old got his hands on a container of hair dye.

Thought soccer players usually have the hair cut stuff down. Go watch an EPL game, it's like watching a Redken commercial.

That thing looked grotesque though. Time to find a stylist, that's my big recommendation for this game as there isn't much else to take from it.

*But, if you want to try. What's up with Ethan Finlay this year?

In the 12th minute (when we still could've took the game back perhaps or we were on our last chances of doing so) Meram has a wonderful midfield move to open things up, then sends a beautiful ball to Ethan Finlay so we could play the final third game of how will Ethan Finlay screw this up?

Finlay found himself with a dangerous opposing run on goal but his angle wasn't that great. So, instead of slotting it to a wide open teammate centrally (one Ola Kamara who, FYI, has been having a bit of luck in front of goal lately) Finlay took it himself.

That went well. Crew still down 1-0.

Between that and taking himself out of a dangerous position, angle centrally last game on a break away by dribbling as far wide as possible...... It's like Finlay's over thinking chances (or not thinking them at all). I'm sure it's the first because most of the time he's on the ball this season it looks like a tug of war is going on in his brain.

He's an excellent player and had a hell of a 2015 season. But, think he needs a week or two vacation on a beach in like Aruba lol to get his mind right. Needs some time to sort it out.

Start Cedrick for a game (or many games). He deserves more time on the field and has deserved more time for a while now. Should get starts/minutes even if Ethan was destroying things and everyone else was now.

If it helps with decisions, Cedrick scored a goal the last time he started. Who knows if it does?

As we sit him and he contracts malaria. Makes sense this year.

*If it needed to be punctuated, Finlay neglected Ola Kamara again in the 38th minute when Ola only had a 80% chance of scoring, compared to a 100% chance.

Not to be left out Justin Meram did the same to Ola twice as well, lol. Once early on in the game and once near the end.

The only reason I didn't put Meram on vacation with Finlay at an electro festival on the island of Ibiza...

Is that Meram is the only midfielder that consistently has been creating dangerous chances.

Congratulations. That's like being the most sober guy in Russia.

*If I'm really bored. I'll just make a highlight video of the missed give the ball to Ola opportunities from this game, with the Titanic's "My Heart Will Go On" theme song.

Luckily for Ola one of his runs was too great to ignore in the 42nd minute and he got on the scoresheet.

Still, our midfielders don't need to solve everything. Not paid to be the creative goal scoring answers.

Instead, Ola is and is doing pretty damn well at it. And their job is to give it to him.

Yet, he's still ignored; I think it's just we've been too bad that when anyone gets a chance they can't resist the urge to try to fix things. But, Kamara likely gets a hat trick last night overall if he got more attention from his midfield.

Only a hat trick. Because I'm aware even Ola will miss 50% of the chances he should get. But, should've been passed the ball four more times in the final third by Meram, Finlay last night.

Your creative midfielders are paid to do creative stuff.
And then pass it to the striker.
The striker is tasked with finishing. So let's do that.

Finlay, Meram should be confident that that's good enough. Need to stop thinking they need to show people more (Crew fans or Jurgy or Iraq).

They'll score more that way from second opportunities.

*In addition to that point, apparently we want to add another striker because Ola doesn't do all the other things Kei does in a game? What else do we want him to do than score? He's the only one doing his job currently, and doing it in spades. It's odd if he doesn't score.

Instead of looking for a solution for him. Look at 8 or 9 other positions that haven't been good enough.

Looking for a solution on the one point of the field where we have a solution as the man is doing his job. So Crew.

*By the way, good thing I talked about possibly Tchani as a center back solution the other day. In this article.

Really talked him up, lol.

Since he was close to being red carded by 30 minutes in.

But, Chad Barson showed why we needed a stronger body (especially against Kei) at CB last night. As when we were down 2-0 late in the second half he got leapt past by Kei with so much ease in the penalty area, so he grabbed Kei in the box. Didn't see a more obvious penalty.

So, game should've perhaps been over before it was over.

*On that note, this is over because I don't want to talk about last night any longer, lol. Until next week's loss.



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