Tuesday, June 28, 2016

6/28/16: Crew Summer Leads To Interesting Striker Scenario, Perhaps After Jaime Avoyi

Next person in? Whoever it is hopefully they stay (instead of go months later, like an unfortunate amount of our signings as of late). Columbus needs to focus on who is going to be a real fit for this club and who already is.

Losing Kei Kamara and his 22 regular season goals from 2015 made most think (and it's still debatable) that there was a void up top. And that this void needs to be filled this Summer for the Crew to perform again.

Especially with the amount of non-stink the Crew made about signing Ola Kamara earlier this season... And the still lack of wins, despite a healthy 5 goals in 8 games for Ola.

Which is a pretty good strike rate, even in high school soccer let alone MLS. So, the panic button doesn't necessarily need to be hit up top. Columbus just overall needs to play better..


Either they need to create more than one goal a game or gain a clean sheet.

Up top we do need two capable strikers. But, do we need Ola on the bench? No. So, what do we need? Think the brass up top could be running out of solutions.

But, the Crew "reportedly" are after Jaime Avoyi now. He doesn't look like a bad puzzle piece, but since he would require a starting spot likely and we only play one striker, is it good?

I think Columbus has to re-fit formation-wise more than anything.

We only have room currently for one striker to get 95% of the time on the field. Ola couldn't see a pitch when Kei was here.

And it's not like we couldn't use more goals elsewhere... Since our striker has 5 in 8 games and we are still near the bottom of the standings cellar; since no one else looks capable of a moment on the field as of late.

I think a transformation needs to be made as much there, as signing someone else productive.


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