Thursday, June 2, 2016

6/2/16: Last Night's Loss Isn't Terrible For Me

Last night's loss isn't terrible for me.

The team had moments where they played well.

Ola Kamara was scoring again. Steve Clark has been motivated and has played well.

Further, Christian Martinez and Ben Swanson contributed which is a plus, depending on your opinions of their play. Either way, Martinez had a pretty sweet goal.

There were players out for international duty and injuries. But, for me this Summer the big focus is on defense.

We can score with Ola now and our midfield is strong. We need to get solid in the back in front of Clark, consistently.

The second goal was bad defense, all around. If we allow 3 goals a game we're going to have a tough time winning. Score two, should win.

I think if the Crew were to make a Summer signing that they don't need to bulk up, up top. They need to in the back, especially centrally. And in central midfield, if Tchani is never seeing the field again?

Get him back on the field. There's no presence or strength in the middle with Trapp and Saeid.

3 goals allowed the last two games is the issue.

Another issue is we won one of the last two against a good RSL side.

Further, this one may sting a bit after getting the lead early on and having a bogus red card. So, hopefully it gets our guys moving even more so after this break.

Not a bad two weeks for me against two better teams.

Were two wins away from 2nd in the East.

I have a feeling this team will really get going after a few weeks off. They seem to be more of a unit now after the trade.


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