Saturday, May 7, 2016

5/7/16: Everybody In Yellow & Black Needs To Keep Their Head, And Keep It Up

First things first..

Were STILL SOMEHOW only 6 points off of first place in the East. This would be good enough for 2nd place in the EPL. SO RELAX. Crew players, Nordecke Supporter Groups, Kei Kamara, Gregg Berhalter... Relax. One extra minute tonight of discernable defense and we are currently in 4th place.

The standings will be the same next week. The Crew have been awful. But, every team in the Eastern Conference has been as bad. The Impact haven't won in four games and lead the division. So, start the season today how you want it Crew (preferably a lot better) and it will be fine.

Also, for those that think were a legacy club, FYI we usually suck at the beginning of nearly every season. It's not going to change because we hosted MLS Cup. What did you expect 9-0-0. Were usually mediocre until mid-Summer and then hit a hot streak.

7 out of 12 points in the last four games isn't bad.

Make the next 12 point stanza 9 out of 12, 10 out of 12, and continue..

Now, can we discuss struggles constructively if we could.

** First off, Amro Tarek's departure..

Gets one wondering even more about Emil Larsen and what happened to him? Figuring someone covers the Crew and could ask? Without being too mean to the Crew and not getting invited to golf? I mean Larsen hasn't seen a bench in 3 or 4 games.

Is he starring in Taken 4: Columbus? Is he on vacation in Denmark? Did he run away and now is churning butter in Amish country? Can someone explain to me how we sign a 24 year old Danish international that can't even find his way onto the bench? What could've happened? And then for the second year in a row we lose a defender before the midpoint of the season..

It questions some decision making in the acquisition department... But, it may just be a big hit or miss when you put it with Afful, Kamara, etc.

I don't like it two months in though. Two new signings that have already failed. That's not excellent.

** That takes us to post game. I'm like "ohh this will be another boring interview." But, that was not. I ended up much more amused, so I guess thanks Kei..

College intern didn't know how to take that one.

Anyways, nice on Kei for getting involved goal wise. Here's some help, when the reporter asks, that's a bonus and leave it at that.

Many great things about Kei currently and last season. But, may need to work on his poker face. Many times during 90 minutes you can visibly tell when he's upset; For example, when he didn't get a pass or a player didn't (at every moment) sync into his mindset.

Seen it four or five times a game. But, not going to point it out because it's Kei "Scoring More Goals Than Any Crew Striker in 40 Years" Kamara.

That stuff happens in soccer, got to learn how to brush it off or it will start to cause player conflict (like the PK).

** Speaking of which, Higuaín wasn't by anyway in the right either.

Here's Kamara, talented most of his MLS career. Enough talent to even spend some time and see moments in England. But, never worked out completely (recognition wise) until last season.

He finally gets recognition, the big contract, but finds himself on 3 goals 8 games in... Team struggling, he's struggling compared to last year.

So he's the teams striker. Let him get his hat trick and get happy. 6 goals in 9 games is way better compared to 3 in 8, much closer to his total that was part of how we got to MLS Cup.

Think you'll be happier too Higuaín because we will win A LOT more.

** In general, a lot of people on that team need to think A LOT more because were only 6 points back from first place and it's completely fixable.

** Same with some fan conflict. Were all supporting the same thing, make it more about that thing. If you think the experience can be improved in some way, look for logical steps to improve it. As long as you tried, you haven't failed and it will improve through you and others.

Glory to Columbus,
and to the Nordecke.


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