Tuesday, May 10, 2016

5/10/16: A Simple Solution

For the love of sanity give Cedrick and other talent a run in the starting lineup. (Picture by Kyle Robertson/ Columbus Dispatch)

I've agreed with a lot and not a lot after Saturday. But, I agree totally with the poster who posted the top reply to a story and also posted the last one.

Exactly, on the last comment. It was embarrassing on both parts.

Quite simply both Kei and Federico need to look at their play and attitude so far this year.

They do make the most money. They are the leaders.

Things have been not up to par from the top or well anywhere in 2016.

I want people leading the Crew where losing a home opener against Philadelphia is not ok. Losing in general, drives them nuts.

They go mental if we do lose and try to move Heaven, Earth to win. FYI, that's their job. This team (if you don't know because sometimes it seems they don't) SHOULD WIN A LOT MORE NOW.

A question. Who can flip out in the locker room and make everyone realize this isn't Columbus Crew play in 2016? Federico, Kei? Perhaps not and perhaps that's the problem. Who can, anyone?

They haven't found a solution. So, sit both and find out if either wants to.

Also, look for a solution ELSEWHERE.

If it wasn't for Cedrick against RBNY (58 seconds into this video), we may not have MLS Cup (for sure) in Columbus last year.

He has been a patient player. Hasn't complained. So, start him over Finlay (who hasn't been remarkable this year either) or Higuaín. He, out of anyone, deserves a run of starting minutes. Give it to him.

The starters are not getting the job done this year. So, LOOK ELSEWHERE.

For one, we signed a 24 year old (in the same position as Higuaín) who has been capped with Denmark. SEE WHAT HE HAS. Give him a shot in that position. Kei isn't the only one wrong here.

Next game I would start Cedrick for Finlay, Ola for Kei, and Emil Larsen for Federico Higuaín. It may be I don't know, refreshing.

If one plays better and really shines. Play them. We have 9 points in 9 games.


Unless any of our starters get really up and into it. FIND SOMEONE THAT WILL.

That's on Berhalter more than anyone else.

Berhalter's thinking to anchor players in the starting lineup no matter team results or their individual play is on him. Maybe if he kicked a player or two in the ass, sat them, for sub-par play we wouldn't be here and instead they would currently be motivated.

And not to have a PK taker set. Make one set all the time and this isn't an issue. We win 4-1 and this is an easier week.

Shouldn't just suspend Kei. But, should suspend himself and Federico. There's no good side to be on in this. Just need to look elsewhere on team. Their may be better options available, people who want to win.

Never will find out if we don't play them.


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