Tuesday, April 5, 2016

4/5/16: Is Columbus Getting in Win or Die Mode Already?

Who thought five games in, Columbus who were MLS Cup participants months ago, would capture 2 points out of the first 12 possible.

And be dead last in the East.

I didn't expect 12 out of 12, lol. We know how MLS works, no one is far above the pack. But, 6 or 7 would make me, and I'm sure other Crew fans, feel better.

Or a win.

We have a talented team, we have talented new acquisitions perhaps, change something up because there hasn't been dramatic thumbs up play.

Or the starters could finish better and pick a corner. Similar to the home opener, the Crew attack against Dallas had an uncanny ability of finding the keeper and shooting the ball directly where he stood.

Their job is to win or play well in a soccer game. That's all they practice for. So, focus and put it together, take a positive step before it turns into a repeat of DC United a few years ago.

Of course, the Columbus FO built up the tie, the second road point in a row, as marvelous lol. Columbus had control and played well, but the team has to work on finishing games and chances off.

Do it one game and will applaud it. Not applauding this.


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