Saturday, April 16, 2016

4/16/16: We Won!

*First big ups to Justin Meram because we can finally give out a Barbasol Man of the Match legitimately.

Good dribbling and decision making leads to things such as a goal and two assists. Nice to see him do his thing tonight.

*Ref Ted Uncle has a weird mustache comb over on the top of his head and a weird red card call to Michael Parkhurst. Good decision.

Especially considering it would've never have been a red card to anyone.

*Manchester City II is a bunch of old guys with big names combined with total crap. Thank god we didn't get Mix Diskerud. Didn't realize he was on the field until he fouled Waylon Francis.

So much skill and talent.

*Nice to get Kei Kamara on the scoresheet he could use anything to get it going at the moment.

*Steve Clark didn't do anything extremely scary. Hopefully he gave that to Saunders somehow.

*Another good crowd, a good Nordecke in voice always brings comfort to my soul. Awe kisses.

*Lots of home games upcoming. Lets get on a run.


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