Tuesday, April 12, 2016

4/12/16: Columbus Loses Again

The Columbus Crew is the only MLS team left to win a game.

But, not a club record. If it makes you happy Columbus started the 2009 campaign 0-2-5.

And won the shield. It was the year after a MLS Cup appearance (and even win) as well.

So, were exactly where we need to be, lol.

Overall, I think Berhalter has to change the lineup. Once again Cedrick was one of the more positive players against Montreal.

He's been here for 87 months, so start him Berhalter. Along with possibly Larsen, Saravia, and even the other Kamara. Kamara 1 may deserve a stretch on the bench.

About every starter does because it just hasn't been good enough.

Sure, as Berhalter says, "there's a lot of points still up for grabs."

But, if nothing changes we will have 4 out of 30 points to add onto our 2 out of 15.

Pipa, Finlay, Clark, Kamara pretty much own their positions. Why?

Mix it up. Find someone that will put some life into the team compared to each player still on the MLS Cup loss.

It's who performs today, not what got us to second place.


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