Never Quit

Columbus Crew players never gave up last night, symbolically have a lot in common with their fans.

Columbus Crew after Polish winger

Columbus apparently has interest in 23 year old Przemysław Frankowski.

Welcome to Crewture.

Which stands for Crew and Culture, and follows Crew supporter culture. Created around the Nordecke creation and used to follow the rise of the supporters section which is now 10 years old.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

4/16/16: We Won!

*First big ups to Justin Meram because we can finally give out a Barbasol Man of the Match legitimately.

Good dribbling and decision making leads to things such as a goal and two assists. Nice to see him do his thing tonight.

*Ref Ted Uncle has a weird mustache comb over on the top of his head and a weird red card call to Michael Parkhurst. Good decision.

Especially considering it would've never have been a red card to anyone.

*Manchester City II is a bunch of old guys with big names combined with total crap. Thank god we didn't get Mix Diskerud. Didn't realize he was on the field until he fouled Waylon Francis.

So much skill and talent.

*Nice to get Kei Kamara on the scoresheet he could use anything to get it going at the moment.

*Steve Clark didn't do anything extremely scary. Hopefully he gave that to Saunders somehow.

*Another good crowd, a good Nordecke in voice always brings comfort to my soul. Awe kisses.

*Lots of home games upcoming. Lets get on a run.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

4/13/16: Old Nordecke Videos

Videos I threw together six to eight years ago, making a new one (with new & old footage). Fun to go through, more fun than this season lol, so mise well share:

The first ever with over 33,000 views lol (and lots of likes and dislikes :-0 lol)

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

4/12/16: The Jersey Needs To Go

I tried to be open about the new jersey. But, the more I see it I hate it. Or get confused about what team I'm watching.

Lets get back to what's normal.

As most do, I make a mistake probably daily. The front office made a mistake changing the yellow. Lol, it's okay.

It's better to hit a home run on the logo change and have one craptastic jersey.

Just change it back. It was a strike out. It's okay.

4/12/16: Columbus Loses Again

The Columbus Crew is the only MLS team left to win a game.

But, not a club record. If it makes you happy Columbus started the 2009 campaign 0-2-5.

And won the shield. It was the year after a MLS Cup appearance (and even win) as well.

So, were exactly where we need to be, lol.

Overall, I think Berhalter has to change the lineup. Once again Cedrick was one of the more positive players against Montreal.

He's been here for 87 months, so start him Berhalter. Along with possibly Larsen, Saravia, and even the other Kamara. Kamara 1 may deserve a stretch on the bench.

About every starter does because it just hasn't been good enough.

Sure, as Berhalter says, "there's a lot of points still up for grabs."

But, if nothing changes we will have 4 out of 30 points to add onto our 2 out of 15.

Pipa, Finlay, Clark, Kamara pretty much own their positions. Why?

Mix it up. Find someone that will put some life into the team compared to each player still on the MLS Cup loss.

It's who performs today, not what got us to second place.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

4/5/16: Is Columbus Getting in Win or Die Mode Already?

Who thought five games in, Columbus who were MLS Cup participants months ago, would capture 2 points out of the first 12 possible.

And be dead last in the East.

I didn't expect 12 out of 12, lol. We know how MLS works, no one is far above the pack. But, 6 or 7 would make me, and I'm sure other Crew fans, feel better.

Or a win.

We have a talented team, we have talented new acquisitions perhaps, change something up because there hasn't been dramatic thumbs up play.

Or the starters could finish better and pick a corner. Similar to the home opener, the Crew attack against Dallas had an uncanny ability of finding the keeper and shooting the ball directly where he stood.

Their job is to win or play well in a soccer game. That's all they practice for. So, focus and put it together, take a positive step before it turns into a repeat of DC United a few years ago.

Of course, the Columbus FO built up the tie, the second road point in a row, as marvelous lol. Columbus had control and played well, but the team has to work on finishing games and chances off.

Do it one game and will applaud it. Not applauding this.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

4/2/16: Why Every US National Team Non-Friendly Game Should Be In Columbus.

If you don't believe this because you live in Seattle, or LA, or NY, whatever.

Columbus, for some reason, is the only MLS area of the country without a huge opponent fanbase. Or well much of an international soccer fanbase within five hours of travel.

I'm three hours away in Western Pennsylvania, lol so trust me. I wonder if there is a big reading comprehension fanbase where I live (lol kidding), let alone a soccer fanbase.

Additionally, Columbus, Ohio nearly disguises itself as a diverse, exotic metropolis from where I live, lol if that tells you anything.

"It’s a great place to play for us. The stadium is tight, the field is always good, the people are right on top of the field. People get excited when we come through here, so in all ways it’s a great place for us to play,” said U.S. captain Michael Bradley.

For instance on atmosphere, I was in the normal people seats for the Crew opener this season at midfield and felt a real buzz and excitement around me. Columbus and Ohio soccer fans are showing up when they're feeling something. And they are always feeling the US National Team.

Okay, that got weird lol.

But, why is CCS or Mapfre intimidating?

1.) Crummier look compared to other MLS soccer stadia's. It's just intimidating being there compared to a shinny Rio Tinto or Dick's Sporting Goods or whatever.
2.) History. Mexico always knows they lose their 2-0. And everyone else in Concacaf knows that too, so why should they expect better?
3.) Could feel the volume against Guatemala. Something with the American Outlaws, Nordecke, and regular fans makes it right in Columbus. Where even in bigger stadiums across the country, the atmosphere has been lackluster in my opinion.

This alone is why I never want a new Crew home stadium. A new home stadium and it wouldn't be the right atmosphere.

US National Team and Columbus, Ohio is just the right matchup. They never have lost there and probably never will. So, unless it's a friendly. Should never play anywhere else.

I even mean that with Copa America Centernario. If the US really wanted to win that and weren't concerned with just the money portion NOW. They would play every game, but the final perhaps, in Mapfre.

4/2/16: Columbus Crew Owner April Fools Fans

Columbus Crew owner Anthony Precourt had Crew fans going for a sec yesterday with three tweets.

He did say one may be the real deal, lol. So, I think this is breaking news that we will be FC Ohio next year. Better than FC Las Vegas :-)

Anyway, thumbs up.

Good to have an owner that can make these sort of jokes and has a sense of humor. Even something as priceless as a sense of humor, even if it doesn't lead to Falcao lol, can be a plus.