Sunday, March 6, 2016

3/6/16: Game 1 Reactions (and Overreactions)

Higuaín has a good start. His teammates, not a game to write home about.

*We all know Seattle is a bit too commercial, what about Portland? I'm okay with the Nordecke not being as show boaty with capos and different color shirts to create heart shapes (lol necessary) and an unspectacular rendition of the national anthem.

The scarf motion during the anthem hits me though; it's what Francis Scott Key had in mind.

But, can you imagine the Nordeck keeping it together long enough to sing the anthem to Mapfre Stadium and the ESPN viewing audience? If you see that or care congrats. I give Portland fans credit for formulating English. Woo hoo.

I don't find a crowd rendition spectacular or necessary though. Just feels like an attempt to show other Americans that soccer fans are unique. Always a soccer thing, you don't go to a Browns game and have that.

Tifo was cool though.

* Is Caleb Porter the most small, small guy? Probably. He seems beyond aggressively into himself. If ESPN could not point the camera at him ever, would be okay.

His post game interview with the rain pouring into his eyes was spectacular though. Along with his acting that he didn't even notice the championship banner. We all know he thinks he's a god to Portland now.

* Well, thanks MLS for letting the Crew see the romantic revealing of the championship banner they did not win. That's a good way to start the year.

* I fought the log but the log won? Well, lets start Crew celebrations where everyone in our section does something beyond unique.

Stick with me.

Every time Columbus does something good. Lets motor boat a tifo. Have Taylor Twellman talk about that "Oh Columbus fans are at it again! Look at them cheer on their team! This is sooo goooood for the city!"

And then if we go to MLS Cup in Portland, they'll have to accept that. Beats watching a large man chopping a log right.

Seriously. Why don't the Timbers Army get hot females to chop the log? I could get behind that and well the whole world.

*Who knew we just had to sign Kamara as a DP to make Higuaín play like one. Sick goal and created the two other dangerous opportunities.

Actually probably was the only above average performance?

Higuaín is my Game 1 MVP. Hopefully he keeps it up.

By the way, instead of adding Casey to the dynamic. Subbing Ola for Kei would've been perhaps more interesting. Since Kei brought about nothing to this one.

* Actually what might've worked better is putting Ola, Emil Larsen, and even Mabwati in. Portland has already seen our "top 11" and beat them twice, now three times, 2-1.

21 out of 22 starters were in the final three months ago. The best surprise for the Timbers would've been for us to change it up completely. Sitting on the bench could've been a motivation for some normal starters as well.

*The jersey actually didn't look that bad on TV and perhaps is more appealing on a athletic soccer player, lol.


*Dude for me Columbus got way too caught out on the counter attack. If that Aspiralla or that other guy with the crazy hair could not suck and finish could've been a lot worse.

But, Columbus also let both of their goals in during the run of play when they were dominating possession.

So, could just be the team that has the luck against them currently.

What were your thoughts on the opener? What do you agree or disagree on? Feel free to reply on @CrewtureFanzine Should have something more professional, lol, up tomorrow.

Doing this new blog notes thing during the game. So, I have something out soon after. Share your opinions, amusing or not lol.


  1. The game was as advertised. Two of the better teams in the league going at it. I thought Columbus dominated large portions of the game. Columbus could have utilized more width in attack. Portland's plan was to concede possession and break on the counter. Tactically, Portland was frighteningly effective. In fairness, the game could have had several more goals. It was always going to be difficult to win the opener at Portland considering the circumstances. I'm very excited about Columbus because they are going to dominate most teams on their day!

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  3. Aaron excellent comment and I agree with what you said. It would be hard for Columbus to put in such a good performance to dampen what was going on in Portland. I expect better at home this week. I think Columbus isn't completely in the grove yet. But, they need to get those points at home because a good start to the season will be beyond helpful.