Saturday, March 5, 2016

3/5/16: Pittsburgh Riverhounds Appear a Much Better Agreement

New field (not a high school football field with American football lines) and a new stadium, beautifully in downtown Pittsburgh.. Or well just right outside.

More ambitious ownership than before at the club; that appears to be actively constructing the right things to improve the club. That actually has an ambition to join Major League Soccer by 2023 (or at least said that). There above pictured stadium can fit 3,500 but was constructed to be transformed with more ease to 18,500.

Here's a write up on their current Owner and President.

Pittsburgh is perhaps a more exciting area to live in than Dayton, lived in both. Might seem like less of a punishment and a chance to get minutes if you're a Crew player put on loan there. Was in town this Summer and went to a game, was above average.

And one former Crew player, not much in the former category, was just signed to Pittsburgh in 2015 draft pick Sergio Campbell.

Figure this will be a place for Matt Pacifici and Marshall Hollingsworth to see themselves in 2016. Surprisingly, I've been to Hollingsworth's Wheaton College for their rivalry game against North Park in 2013.

I was the Producer of this broadcast:

So, I expect Hollingsworth to be a Crew MVP in 3 years; because what are the chances. Was a NAIA school I believe.

Actually was a better experience and one of the more adaptable press booths.

In addition, actually interviewed a Riverhounds player last year on a podcast:

My cousin on the left has a social media website in Pittsburgh called Burgh Life; he had a Riverhounds player on his schedule. But, knew nothing about soccer so he asked for my help.

Talked to a top staff member (think he was from England) working for them. Wondered why the Crew weren't affiliated here? Well, now they are.

Correct color jerseys as well:


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