Tuesday, March 29, 2016

3/29/16: Who Wants To Bet Things Will Get Real in Columbus Tonight

Tonight will be good or very bad television for The Fourth Round, if the US loses their out of their first World Cup since 1986.

Well more than likely out. But, Guatemala should be confident after the last match up. Considering that rousing performance, here's my percentage of things happening.

*Fans in Columbus doing some "Jurgen out chant" 75%.

Because the guy may have been a good attacking player, but his big name makes him a coaching maestro that he isn't.

Wasn't even excellent for Germany, which is umm difficult for a lot of coaches that could say "here's a ball."

*Columbus being a spot for a big US match 100%.

Well, one good thing is that we host a fourth round match that isn't looking just like an exciting friendly; where Landon Donovan can show his magical wonder in front of his boy band fans. That's good, well sort of.

*Guatemala wins. 50%.

US National Team kind of deserves it with it's ability over recent history to under perform. The last time they overperformed was in Korea against Germany in the Quarterfinals.

If US is expected to lose and it's not a friendly that perhaps the opponents couldn't care about. They lose.

*US wins: 50% percent.

Jurgen is coaching maestro for not putting a left back at forward or a left winger at right wing or a female stripper at striker.

Dope schedule of games tonight: 100% percent.

Get to watch the US measle a 1-0 victory in Columbus with great boring attacking, get to watch the U-23's fill us with better hope perhaps after, and get to watch Mexico beat Canada 10-0 in Estado Azteca. Whatever, pshht, watching Desperate Housewives.


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