Tuesday, March 29, 2016

3/29/16: Finlay Gets Robbed, But Looks Solid

I think Ethan Finlay may have a solid future with the US.

Has a motor that sometimes we don't see on the USA wing and him and Pulisic brought something dangerous, different to the game.

But, Finlay got robbed on his home field goal wise. Yard onside, on his home field, already 3-0. Give the player the benefit of the doubt if it's at best debatable.

Nevertheless, was a smart finish.

Thought when he dragged it to the right he screwed it. But, keeper for Guatemala came out and that made it a soft pass into the back of the net for Ethan.

Just keep it up. If him and Trapp (at U-23's) become very important for the US very proud moment for Crew fans and Berhalter.

Good performance by Finlay I think. Good on Saravia to be involved in his national team, but his performance tonight said substitute for now at Columbus for me.


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