Tuesday, March 29, 2016

3/29/16: Could Guzan Land In US as Well? Or Where Do You See Him Next Season

Maybe this has been reported elsewhere and I'm way off base.

But, don't think Guzan finds the Championship, with Aston Villa, who debatably values him as a grand option next August.

I figure considering Howard is going to the Colorado Rapids, Guzan will look for somewhere else in the EPL or in Europe where he could possibly start. That would put him above Howard in the pecking order, especially with how Klinsmann values European time over MLS.

But, in the other regard. Lets say Guzan doesn't get anything but a backup shot elsewhere in the EPL or he sits with Aston Villa next season where he doesn't start half the time.

If he's not getting reps he may go behind Howard. So, maybe MLS. It makes more sense than the Mexican or Scottish league or something ridiculous.

It would be good for the league. Just as Dempsey, Bradley, and Altidore are good to have in the fold. The league could use some EPL level keepers, better quality overall at keeper, and a lot of teams could use him.

One team that could possibly use Guzan is ours.

Lets face it. No matter how much you like Clark; his mistake in the first minute of MLS Cup put us in a huge hole. This season, a lot of curious dribbling and a few other questionable decisions haven't filled the Crew fans with completely new thoughts.

A new chapter has begun for a lot of fans. I sat at midfield for the home opener and two guys were even discussing it there.

If he comes up big until June, July. Can perhaps put this chapter to bed. Crew fans really like the guy, I really liked him as a player for us for a year and a half, even saying maybe a US backup. I'm wild at times, lol. Will see overall what happens as the season goes along.

But, currently perhaps it's a spot we could improve on to win a few MLS Cup championships. And that should be more important to ownership, the coach and the fans.

I think in the field we are very solid overall. I debate keeper at times. Wouldn't with Guzan.

Would be a very bright acquisition if the Crew could magically woo him and put down the money. I think were 100% top to bottom if that type of acquisition would occur.

Your thoughts on what Guzan should do next year?


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