Friday, March 25, 2016

3/24/16: Getting Closer To A Normal Crew?

So, Columbus has went from two straight losses to a tie.


At least they didn't wear those jersies.

Could a win be coming? How long do you see it being?

Against Chicago the long ball was being played far too often again. For a Crew team that could probably play long ball twice a game.

There was more of a connection, passes tied together in midfield. If that is something to take from it.

But, as most fans have said, do we see the fight in the club that we saw last year?

Or could being a MLS Cup participant have been fulfilling enough? Sounds crazy but you start to wonder.

If you want to take a siesta. Nap highlights are here:

One thought, and probably the only, is Matt Lampson now plays successfully for USL club Chicago Fire.

Good on him to play pretty well. Crew could use Lampson today to challenge Steve Clark because I'm sick of hearing about Clark's play, it could be needed, and Lampson's body language looked better.

But, how do you have that crowd for a opener? It's difficult to even challenge that snoozer crowd in Columbus currently.

If you realize they still exist in MLS nowadays. Lol, move Chicago to Cleveland. Perhaps Cleveland could win a trophy in just MLS.

Berhalter could also start someone else. Even if it's seen as panic. Even if it leads to Finlay, Trapp, Kamara, or Higuaín taking a rest on the bench. They need something new currently, so try something new.


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