Wednesday, March 2, 2016

3/2/16: Kamara Signed As A DP, Celebrate Crew Fans

Kamara Signed As DP Until 2018

The best move that the Columbus Crew made all offseason happened today. Kei Kamara was paid over $1 million to stay with Columbus until 2018. Kei scored 22 goals during the 2015 season. He will be up top for at least three more seasons bagging goals for Columbus.

“In the end, it came down to our feeling that Kei is going to continue to be productive,” Berhalter said. “Does he have the desire? Is he going to help us win games? The answer was yes. And we still think it’s a good value, and we still feel it’s totally in line with what we believe in as a club."

Here's his first 10 out of 22 goals, in the best video I put together during the 2015 season:

Even Kei gave it a shout, which I appreciate.

Crew fans seem very happy about the deal, especially when it may curb some cap space.

Crew fan Belgrano made a good point on Bigsoccer:

"Beyond the particulars of Kei's situation, this is the right thing to do.

It sends a message to the whole squad that if you perform and exceed expectations, the Club will be good to you. And it sends a message to any prospective players that if you sign with the Crew and perform well, the organization will maintain an investment in you and value your work. It is just a good employee-relations decision to make."

And a good goal scoring situation. Here's to Kei for his work so far and his continued work for many seasons to come.


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