Friday, March 18, 2016

3/18/16: Columbus Needs To Transfer Energy Completely Against Chicago

Columbus has been rather stagnant the first two games of the season.

The team hasn't taken the first two by the horns and completely done what it takes to gain three points, 6 overall.

I hope Columbus kind of gets pissed this week and takes it to a rival in Chicago.

Hopefully the fact that two games in Chicago (1 point) has been crummy as well, probably more expectantly, leads to better.

If not, I think the groining will get even louder by fans.

So, what should the Crew do to get a better result?

I think, as a lot of fans said, they should mix it up more. No one has been amazed with Jimenez or Finlay. So, how about Mabwati on the left, Larsen or Meram on the right.

I think more speed on the wings, to go with more speed by the left and right backs, will be too much for Chicago to stick with.

I also think Gregg will begin to forgo that new acquisitions won't receive time on the field right away thing. He needs anyone to give a better performance currently.

Mabwati deserves it for his moment in the playoffs, a other new starter or two deserves it because of a lack of performance so far.

So, do it.

Because of MLS Cup can't be scared to sit starters, we likely need more game changers to be more involved to win it. So, it's fine.

**Gregg needs to change up left and right midfield. That's all he's subbed in the first two games. Perhaps there's, I don't know, a reason.

**Even if we don't change starters. Change formation. If we lose this week it's obvious other MLS teams currently understand our playbook. Change it up.

**If there's anymore blunders by Clark in the next two games. See what Pacifici or Stuver has. If neither is a player, why are they the backups?

Usually it's easier for a rook starting keeper to perform, compared to a field player.

I was scared a few times in the stadium last week of Clark's dribbling, distribution kicks 10 yards out of bounds, lol.

He's one of the top characters, personalities on the Crew starting eleven. But, if his performance in the last three games hasn't been wonderful it's the same as replacing someone in midfield.

His saves second half against the Union were excellent.

But, if he's going to perform in 2016, at least learn from MLS Cup. Pick the ball up! Stop dribbling please.

**Even if Gregg keeps it all the same this week. It's fine. Obviously the Crew has no need to panic two games in. During the season, once in a while Gregg's teams go through a cold streak. I guess better to get it out of the way now.

Just no matter what. The eleven on the field this week need to step it up a level.


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