Sunday, March 13, 2016

3/13/16: Was It a Good Idea To Let Jack Mac Go?

First off, Jack McInerney's sub appearances for the Crew were more impressive than most appearances off the bench for Columbus. The 23 year old is a natural goalscorer that finds the back of the net. To do decently well off the bench and to be a dangerous threat off of it, should have been satisfied with that and kept him to see what happens.

As a Crew fan I was decently satisfied with his appearances. Compared to most Crew striker backups being able to move quickly is a step up, lol. But, has a greater effect off the bench compared to Conor Casey. Could even be a midfield option.

So, why would you get rid of him and give him to a team that has beat us soundly 2 out of the last 3 games? Why would you demote our striker options?

First off he was only 23. At 23 he already had 39 MLS goals. Came right out of high school to the league, so in that regard poor man Kobe Bryant-esque.

And with the Crew had 2 goals in 5 mostly substitute appearances. Not bad at all. Deserves a full season.

Definitely has much greater upside at 23 than a on his last legs 34 year old Conor Casey. So, in that regard not a great move.

Even if it was needed in some way to get Ola Kamara. Ola hasn't had a phenomenal strike rate and may or may not have that upside. At least doesn't have nearly 40 MLS goals under his belt already at 23.

I think potential wise a bad move. Also, might be better with a sub appearance at 23 compared to a Norwegian International player in Ola or a veteran Casey.

Will see and not saying it will ruin the Crew's 2016. But, already has got on the scoresheet with Portland so, so far. No.


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