Sunday, March 13, 2016

3/13/16: Crew Stadium Parking Stinks and Team Store Is Awful. But, Lol Otherwise

Team shop stinks and Parking is like Mad Max Fury Road currently.

Game thoughts are coming after this because I definitely do have some. As umm, erm I'm sure everyone does. But, just had a opinion or two of stuff, around the stadium, that the Crew could improve on with I think relative ease.

Or with half of Emil Larsen's contract since we'll never play him apparently anyways, lol.

Pre-match Thoughts (Parking Fun, Team Store, Stands)

I'm usually a Nordeckian that comes hours before the game via Uber, lol. But, I bought regular seats for the first time in six years, was with family, and some things about the experience were rather odd and unappealing.

I never use stadium parking, visit the team store, or sit in regular seats. And I understand why now.

I'm also usually not 100% sober either to notice, lol. But, I mention because it was sort of like a Soccer mom version of Mad Max.

Parking Adventure!

Parking for the match in front of the stadium was just the first right entrance. Which took you straight into the special parking area up front, the VIP paved area, that was completely empty. So, us and a ton of people parked there (with no private pass).

But, then I mentioned to my family that this probably wasn't a grand idea, just in case. But, if it was special parking or if this was your first Crew game how would you know without a sign?

So, I tried to get them to regular parking; trying to exit the front of the entrance to VIP, which was coned off except for a minutely small little area. Which we weren't sure if our SUV could get through. Parking attendant next to it was sitting down, not paying attention to anything, not checking people that drove into the entrance (when we were deciding whether to exit).

So, guess I was worried about nothing as usual. But, that whole park job was a mess and confusing.

In addition, at the end of the game, no one was directing the traffic out of the stadium. No clue how to exit. Only way to get out was to go a mile and a half through a neighborhood, in front of the stadium, despite I-71 being right there.

Also, no walking guard telling people when to stop so traffic could flow out of stadium. Probably sat there for 20 minutes while people passed. In my opinion someone will accidently get hit one day.

Team Store Car Dealership

I wanted some new Crew logo swag. Despite being a huge Crew fan haven't purchased anything new because not a outrageous team gear person. Figured it was time though.

Was focused on getting something. But, after a minute or two was like nope.

Here's a list of everything to improve at the team store:
1.) Make larger so people might actually enjoy being in there- Every fan was packed in there like sardines. Made me want to get out of there.

Just expand to the left and get rid of the conference area or whatever the hell that is across from it to the left. I never see anyone in there. I don't know but figure that would be easy to expand if you tear down those walls and remodel it. If you want to double the profit of that store.

And I don't know so you can let fans enjoy it, instead of waiting outside for 20 minutes to get in.

2.) Prices are ridiculous- Who in their right mind is dropping $90 bucks on a sweatshirt that cost $10 bucks to make. I get a nice sweater or shoes at H&M for $15, $30 bucks.

Nice size store with the official gear; along with some Homage and funkier Crew shirts, some Crew Union, Hudson Street, Einheit shirts, and more available prices. I could get an upcharge of $10 bucks in an official team store but $90 bucks for a regular sweatshirt? Haha what?

3.) Why so many workers in it, up your ass? I don't know but if you're like me, usually when I browse for clothing and a worker up front says when you enter "can I help you find anything?" I'm like "no thank you" and browse to my hearts content.

My mom was looking at a shirt and some guy that worked there was like, "just so you know smalls are up front, then mediums, large, extra large." Thanks bud, lol, but what? My mom is not a retard.

Selling shirts not a car, so let us handle it.

4.) So, finally. I was like "f**k it, let's get out of here and go to our seats." So, the one door was locked to exit, so tried behind the team store.

Lol, but the only way to exit is a checkout and was like, "lol, umm?"

So, was just like "can we be let out, not buying anything." And these workers were like baffled. Lol, okay.

Concession Stand Pricing

Me and my mom were going to get drinks and a pretzel or nachos.

But, when my mom saw $4.50 for a water she was like nevermind and came back to our seating.

Probably would've spent $10 bucks otherwise.

The Point Is

Between concession stands and the team store probably would've added $60 more bucks to the Crew coffers but were turned off twice because didn't want to make it over $100. So make it reasonable.

I would consider myself a Crew diehard with my overall past. If it was my first time though I could understand how a perspective fan could be turned off by a similar situation.

Regular Stands

At least was more impressed by regular fans than years ago; as they were more knowledgeable this time around. Wasn't a terrible experience in that regard.


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