Sunday, March 13, 2016

3/14/16: Crew Home Opener Won't Fill Many Fans With Belief

Well that opener wasn't unimaginably great.

*To get beaten with relative ease by a team that was rather meh last year isn't a good start at all. Doesn't make CCS or rather Mapfre look like a fortress. Crew forgot how to come out and play with guts and gusto at the beginning of this year.

*Philadelphia Union were without perhaps their three best players in Barnetta, Edu, and Nogueira. Pontius or Pontiac, lol announcer error, apparently turned into Lewandowski against the formidable Crew defense. Philly had Crew fans headed to their cars 20 minutes early when they went up at our place comfortably 2-0.

Maybe we could try something new? At least Larsen or Mabwati on the wing instead of Jimenez. Since umm, that seems obvious.

*Andre Blake was ridiculous this game. Saw him play once in college in 2013, while producing UConn at Louisville, he was so heralded coming into that game and had an impressive showing.

I wondered why it took him so long to get going in MLS.

Apparently he got on top of it. Steve Clark could honestly learn a thing or two watching his game tape.

Or at least could learn picking a ball up instead of dribbling. Since he's rather atrocious at it.

*Despite Blake being a beast our offense could learn how to shoot.

Headers for Finlay and company yards away from the keeper were downright embarrassing.
Trapp and a few other skyed their attempts.
Meram and Mabwati brought a lot to the game. But, had a couple of shots that could've been in the back of the net but were struck right at the keeper.

Berhalter could use a simple high school shooting drill this week, lol. And then after that a drill of picking a corner of the net.

Will make his coaching easy, but they could use it.

*For being so possession based, I saw a lot of times are whole eleven sitting back while the Union dribbled around the field. I wouldn't think the Crew dominated that statistic, even without looking.

*Berhalter needs to try a new formation, some new acquisitions, something different! Apparently some starters think because they got to MLS Cup they can walk through this season.

I'm not saying were currently in a crisis.  But it's kind of laughable when we have 0 points while Toronto and NYCFC are on 4 and the Union have 3. I would like to see a little more urgency.

*A win against rivals Chicago next week would make every Crew fan a bit more happier. Just need to freshen up the team a little bit and put some guys on a bit of notice.

Go Crew.


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