Thursday, March 10, 2016

3/10/16: Extreme Focus on a Striker Scoring Is The Worst Thing For a Striker

This article by Shawn Mitchell describes the issue.

Just let Kamara play. I understand the focus on any striker to score. But, we're one game in lol and even if it's 20 save the conversation overall for after the season.

Obviously Kamara over exceeded the mark in his first season and who knows he could score 10 or 25 goals this season. 5 or 30 even. But, if the Crew are successful in 2016 who cares.

As Kamara said: “I’d be OK with two goals and an MLS Cup."

“Sometimes you need that adversity, especially early on,” coach Gregg Berhalter said about Kamara missing a chance or two in the opener.

I didn't even remember thinking "ahh what a chance Kamara" at all during the opener. Perhaps maybe his movement could've been better to make that a problem, but wouldn't say there was a wide open chance and/or extreme adversity as a fan to see him get one.

Did anyone say after the opener last year, "ahh yes Kamara is going to match our scoring since Stern John days!?" Which if you don't know was 16, 17 years ago.

So, Crew fans should chill on the subject, same with the media if that was ever an issue.

As a former striker of not as much success, lol, d-3 college for a little.. You score when not consumed with the thought of goals and just playing.

The more that the fans and media focuses on score tallies on twitter, Bigsoccer, and what have you, especially a game in lol, not helpful.

Think Kamara is a strong guy mentally, especially in his 30's. Won't be an issue what anyone says. But, an odd thing to think of one game in.

Strikers have a game where they score 0 or 2 or 3. Some strikers score 5 goals in 9 minutes, lol (Lewandowski). So, relax fans.

Trust me everyone, the Portland opener wasn't the peak of Crew play in 2016. In a lot of positions. Lol so, relax. It isn't noteworthy.


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