Saturday, February 27, 2016

2/27/16: Go Fund Me Ticks The Mark Again For Crew Fan

I know personally how Columbus fans helped me out on "Go Fund Me" after a bad car accident.

The bar has been raised again for Savannah Bee:

She was a female that had some choice thoughts about Don Garber's speech, via ESPN camera, during Portland's MLS Cup celebration.

It made an impression and not just with Crew fans.

Thanks to Go Fund Me donations she'll be at the rematch in the opener at Portland. Thanks as well to ESPN who may be unaware it's not a crowd full of soccer moms and dads golf clapping.

Not sure what a cameraman or woman expected? Wonder what camera operator thought that would be the perfect momento to cut to our crowd, lol.

Especially when Garber appears to consider Columbus as being Major League Soccer's Trailer Park. "Blah blah blah want to thank the Nordecke blah blah blah, I'm staying at a hotel downtown that costs more than you made in 3 weeks blah blah blah."

Portland fans were nice, for the most part, to talk to during and after MLS Cup. As usual other fans are taking credit for funding mostly. It's cool and excellent that some have pitched in. But, does the writer in this article have to make it news or say who donated more, "were the best MLS fans that have lived! Columbus fans are crumtastic, so we footed the bill, lol."

Even though I don't know her, good work and have fun Savannah.


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