Wednesday, February 24, 2016

2/24/16: Colombia Good With Falcao Move, Are Columbus Fans?

According to, Colombia Manager Jose Pekerman prefers the move of Falcao to Major League Soccer and the Columbus Crew compared to China.

Pekerman said China is too far and not agreeable for international travel and play, with most of Colombia's matches taking place in South America. Falcao would probably be asleep on the field.

But, hopefully for Columbus Falcao stays at AS Monaco for a while or goes back to Atletico Madrid. Has a more exciting, preferable option.

I believe striker is already solid enough with what we added to a player that had 20 plus goals. For another Kamara, Ola to join Kei, was a smart enough improvement. A 26 year old that's played for Norway is a solid enough choice. Has UPSIDE.

Going for someone that hasn't had a good year in like three in Falcao and is 30. Doubtful.

If entirely necessary to find another striker. We could find someone with better international appearances currently with solid scoring at a decent level recently; but with a bigger upside.

That player would at least be cheaper. But, Kei Kamara and Ola Kamara is improved enough especially if you have one striker up top; which I think we will again.

So, why double up on a position that is good and piss one player off?

If you have money for it go after another defender, goalkeeper, or something else we could definitely perhaps use?

I'm not a big fan of the move. Because I think it will be too much money with not a lot in return. I think Berhalter is trying to improve something that doesn't need improved that much. We haven't had a striker score 10 goals often let alone over 20.

I'm sure MLSSoccer will like it. But, would we? Share your thoughts on our twitter to the right.


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