Sunday, February 21, 2016

2/21/16: Kamara and Crew Trucking Along In Preseason

The Crew are trucking along in the preseason with the ties.

As Columbus scored soon after conceding a goal.

Thanks to the Waylon Francis to Kei Kamara connection.

On Kei's goal he got up like a salmon, as the announcer said, to smack the ball into the net. It was a nice header and looks like Kei is still on his 2015 season form. Columbus needs to make sure he's back, if they haven't accomplished that already.

On the goal Columbus conceded, the defense of course could've been better defensively. Parkhurst could've done a better job of covering the scoring run into the box or anticipating that run and stealing the pass.

Instead he waited until after the run occurred to react. But, not all on him. The whole defense could've done better on getting in on the guy that passed it anyway. 2 or 3 guys behind him, so 1 could've gone up to him and if he's beat oh well.

Would've liked to see more of Emil Larsen when he came on and before it. I get that it's unlikely to have a new player start but when he came on in the 62nd minute I didn't notice him much. I figure it's a lot of getting used to your new teammates.

More touches would've been nice.

I thought Jimenez had a good game and of course Kei since he scored again. Wouldn't mind seeing more of Ola Kamara I guess he isn't with the team yet? But, would like to see another striker that could perhaps find the net along with Kei. Conor Casey didn't awe me but better than Scheonfeld and whatever other guy we had. He always found goals somehow at the Union.

Just saying it's grand to have one striker that scores consistently. Two and we would be in heaven. A midfielder other than Finlay scoring in 2016 and were golden there as well.

I thought Corey Ashe was consistently involved when he came in, same with Amro Tarek. Amro looks like a big drink of water and faster than Sauro. He looks more like a center back frame. Could he find time in front of Parkhurst (who's a midget at CB) or Sauro? Sauro was pretty strong in the playoffs especially against Montreal. Parkhurst stepped up his game as well.

But, it's good to have Amro as a backup if anyone gets injured on the back line and someone will. He looked useful I thought.

Corey Ashe is a solid pickup as well. 29, several appearances for the Houston Dynamo, former All Star. Could be another solid backup in midfield and perhaps DM. Heard his name a lot second half. At least he was involved.

I also liked Afful's and Francis's game and being involved as usual defensively and offensively.

Further, I thought before RSL scored, Columbus dominated possession and overall appeared to have the better options. It is preseason, so overall it's about getting your legs and soccer form right. If you can get involved with scoring great. Columbus has never dominated preseason and that's not specifically important.


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