Friday, February 19, 2016

2/20/16: Rafael Van Der Vaart Coming To Columbus?

Real Betis players Cedrick Mabwati and Amro Tarek were moved to the Columbus Crew.

Therefore, it would make sense if another Real Betis player came to Major League Soccer that he would come to the Columbus Crew.

Rafael Van Der Vaart, of Real Madrid and Tottenham lore, is on the MLS docket and with Real Betis currently.

But, Betis definitely wants to move him. Apparently, the Crew is one of the interested MLS teams.

Betis were preferably looking to move him as well to The Chinese Super League, lol.

But, if Columbus perhaps made an offer to Falcao; and now wants to go after the perhaps cheaper Van Der Vaart they have a move in mind that would make that money available for one or the other.

Van der Vaart, as an attacking midfielder, would be at the same position as Higuaín and wouldn't likely be a back up or want to be. So, would you be okay with a swap of Van der Vaart in the position of Federico Higuaín or not?

Have you been impressed with Higuaín as of late or do you think it's time for a switch in that spot? Higuaín is 31, Van der Vaart is 33. But, it isn't like Higuaín is much faster and couldn't use some position anxiety.

Higuain has only been at attacking midfield uncontested since 2012.

Van der Vaart's last stop where he had some goal success:

I followed van der Vaart closely at Tottenham because that's my EPL team. He's not the quickest guy but have always been impressed with his decision making. Sometimes off the wall, taking the least expected option.

I wonder if the Crew would be looking at him as a second striker? Similar to how they changed Kamara from midfield to striker and have Higuaín behind them. That might be useful, better for van der Vaart at 33.

Share your thoughts on my Twitter to the right. Do you think van der Vaart could take the position of Higuaín or be a second striker? Because why would the Crew want Falcao and Kamara before this? You're obviously starting both.


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