Sunday, February 14, 2016

2/14/16: New Jersey Hate Bait

The back neck kind of reminds me of a Chicago Fire jersey and we should celebrate our rivals, both them and Toronto FC with red. Gahh, how will I go on?

If you didn't see this, the players react and read mean twitter tweets. Kind of just makes me wish I got vicious the other day because Crewture could use any views lately.

I think by the end of the season everyone will say it's the best new idea after the Crew's new logo. We should've changed the logo on this jersey to an eagle and weed plants?

But, the city of Columbus must be happy because this is probably the first time the rest of the world has ever looked for Columbus's flag on Google. Or at least the first time loner MLS fans got sick of looking up porn and google searched this. And probably the first time a team has designed their jersey after a city flag. Is that true? Would be a good Trivia Crack question.


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