Friday, February 12, 2016

2/12/16: No Matter If The New Crew Jersey is Ugly or Sweet, Will Win The Attention Battle

And 47,000 minutes will be wasted debating it and fretting over it.

Named one of the worst football kits on the Harvard of Sports News- Bleacher Report, :-) the Crew's new second jersey will do one thing and that's get people talking.

For better or for worse.

Ok. Cover yo eyes before you click here.

I don't think the jersey would be shabby if the shorts were yellow and the light blue sat in the bottom of the jersey similar to how the red is on the top. I also think if Donald Trump wasn't really ugly and didn't make George W. Bush look like Albert Einstein I would like to be him.

That hurt saying, don't attempt; I rather be a somewhat educated/uneducated Football Manager playing poor ass like I am (and don't fret I dislike all Democratic hopefuls as well. I would vote for Kernal Sanders from the KFC commercials at the moment if I could).

The point is I don't give a crap what the Crew wears as long as they're the Columbus Crew. And if they want to add MLS Cup to that. Cool.

The one thing I don't get is why suddenly has to make a big hoopla about everyone's new jersey, and why every team needs to change their jersey now every minute. Didn't know MLS teams were a fancy, stylish girlfriend that no guy wants unless they have confidence issues.

Well, bazang, ka boom. Let's just get into it and embrace it. If you don't you're not a good Crew fan :-).

You ain't real.

So twirl.


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